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Silicone Pads

All of our shapes can be molded in both DURA PRO and DURA LITE material. Use the links above to view the extensive list of pad shapes we offer.

DURA PRO silicone pads - Premium Quality

In 1997 we developed our premium quality DURA PRO silicone pads and today these American made DURA PRO pads are praised by our hundreds of happy clients as being "the finest quality pads on the market". Our DURA PRO silicone rubber pads are specifically formulated for modern day high-speed pad printing techniques and they deliver high durability and yield high-quality printing results day in and day out. The secret formula to our DURA PRO formulation cannot be revealed, but you'll find that they have been optimized for continuous flexing and will provide consistent and repeatable ink lay-down. The red colored DURA PRO silicone rubber pads are available in 65 to 20 Shore A (00 scale) hardness's and to differentiate between the durometers the wood (or aluminum) bases are color coded (click here for code chart). Our most popular durometers are between 55 and 45 durometer and for quick mounting our pads are typically mounted with either an SAE or metric insert.

DURA LITE silicone pads - High Quality

The DURA LITE series of pad transfer pads are "lite" on your wallet, yet not "lite" on performance. Our DURA LITE pads give excellent printing results coupled with long pad life and superior quality image transfer. The DURA LITE series of silicone transfer pads were developed as a "price point" product at the request of our advertising specialty industry (ASI) pad print clients and these high-quality American made silicone rubber pads contend well against other competitors cheap (low-quality) imported pads, yet our DURA LITE pads deliver top-quality printing results with long-life cycle, all at a fair price. The DURA LITE formulation has been met with considerable praise and accolades from our many happy customers and you should test drive this formulation now to see for yourself. The DURA LITE silicone rubber material is white in color and they're available in 65 to 40 Shore A (00 scale) durometer. To differentiate between the DURA LITE pads available durometers, the wood and aluminum bases are color coded.