KX48P High Speed Digital Inkjet Printer


The Martinenghi KX48P is a high speed and high resolution digital printing machine built for decorating; plastic tubes (flexible and rigid), aluminum tubes, aluminum aerosol cans and aluminum beer cans. The Italian designed and built KX48P opens a whole new era in the decoration of hollow body cylinders and provide the industry’s highest standards of productivity, reliability and unmatched print quality, giving customers the freedom to lead the market, rather than follow existing paths with screen printing or offset printing... variable images and data (personalization, bar codes, date codes, etc).

All production runs can be handled as a simple printing a queue, so it is technically possible to print each single tube with its own unique personalized decoration! Quality is guaranteed by means of a built-in camera inspection system. The KX48P delivers a real revolution in production output (200 tubes per minute) and capability that is unmatched. Furthermore, the KX48P gives to the end user an unbelievable range of marketing opportunities (think individualization with athletes and corporate sponsored models on tubes and cans).

Thanks to contactless digital printing, the KX48P, the substrate and printing heads are never in contact with the part and therefore, no mechanical stresses on the mandrels. The KX48P is composed of eight linear motors coupled to a laser measuring system, for conveying the parts under the printing deck with extremely high accuracy, guaranteeing the highest efficiency in the printing process. This unique automated approach allows for fast product size changes and lightning fast artwork changes.

Martinenghi has put forth a huge effort in the development of this KX48P digital printing system and the KX48P delivers both the sharpest and shiniest graphics. A dedicated on-board graphic software system fully manages the whole process and it continuously monitors the quality of the output. Now, aerosol can and collapsible tube manufacturers are in the position to decorate their products using the optimum digital process.

Martinenghi has developed a complete training program that starts before the installation and includes both theoretical sessions and practical hands-on training and Martinenghi support is always available 24/7, thanks to a network connection that allow for our technicians to remotely access and make systems diagnosis and fine tune the performance. On-site support is also provided worldwide by Martinenghi and Deco Tech is the exclusive North American sales agency for Martinenghi. Give us a call to discuss your application at (800) 300-DECO or outside the US at (714) 639-DECO.


KX48P Specifications
Diameter range: 13,5-66 mm
Length Range: 50 - 280 mm
Process colours: up to 7 n°
Gray scale: up to 8 levels n°
UV curing devices: 1 + 4/6
Linear printing speed: up to 80.000 mm/min
Power: approx. 50 kW
Weight: approx. 30.000 kg (66.1387 lbs)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 5,600 x 7,450 x 3,390mm (11'9" x 5' x 3')

360° of perfect printing

Printing on aerosol cans

360° of perfect printing.
Print sample on aerosol cans. The technology guarantees outstanding performance and perfect details, to succesfully create any design and recreate photorealistic images.

Printing on collapsible tubes

360° of perfect printing.
Sample of the print quality on collapsible tubes. All batches can be handled as printing a queue, so it is technically possible to print each single tube with its own unique decoration as shown here! Quality is guaranteed by a built-in camera detection system.

Printing on rigid cartridges

360° of perfect printing.
Print sample on rigid cartridges.

4 color (CMYK) printing plus 2 special colors


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