OKI-Pro 910 Digital Printer for Short Run Packaging


The OKI PRO 910 digital printer features high-quality color printing with the utmost in media flexibility and it is a great fit for your short-run packaging needs & much more. The OKI PRO 910 is a workhorse that turns out breathtaking output at a fast pace for just pennies per page, and fits in comfortably with your existing digital color printing workflow. The OKI PRO 910 also delivers consistent professional quality color through HD Color printing technology, automatically calibrating colors, making color corrections on the fly, and supporting various ink simulations. That, and up to 1200 x 600 dpi resolution, enables the OKI PRO 910 to deliver fine details and stunning color depth, whether on glossy stock, custom or specialty media, or ordinary paper. The OKI PRO 910 produces a wide range of documents on a variety of paper weights and sizes. Single Pass Color technology and the straight-through paper path of the OKI PRO 910 allow for faster color and mono print speeds, minimal paper jams, and smooth handling. Features like Auto Media Detect automatically adjust the printer to your required media type, and Auto Color Balance ensures that output remains consistent from the first sheet to the last. The OKI PRO 910 from DECO TECH gives you high quality printing, excellent reliability with low operational costs—the affordable Digital Color Printer for your short run, on-demand color print needs.