SP2-100 High Speed Single Pass Digital Inkjet Printer

  • 4 color CMYK printing plus 2 passes of white
  • Variable & personalized digital prints are easy
  • High resolution and extremely fast production
  • Precise registration with fixed print heads
  • No Part - No Print feature
  • No need for expensive films or clichés
  • No set-up or clean-up required
  • Height-adjustable print heads
  • Printing up to 250mm (10") wide
  • High productivity and efficiency
  • Products can be vacuum belt fed or fixtured
Curved tin container printed with SP2-100

In addition to printing on flat items, the SP2-100 is able to print on curved objects such as this small tin container.

Various flat printed itemsVarious long printed objectsVarious digitally printed objects

SP2-100 System Specifications
Printer type: UV Inkjet
Colors CMYK or Spot Colors
Resolution: 360 dpi / 600dpi depending on print head
Print speed: max. 400 mm/s (16 in/s)
Print width: 70 - 250mm (2.75" - 8.5") depending on print head
Interface: FireWire or USB 2.0
Electrical: 115V/230V - 50/60Hz
Weight: approx. 1000 kg (2,200 lbs)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 3,600 x 1,500 x 900mm (11'9" x 5' x 3')