Deco Tech Hot Stamp Press for tubes Magpie The Deco Tech brand hot stamping press is well suited for hot printing on flexible or rigid plastic tubes, caps and lipstick tubes, and other cylinders up to 75mm in diameter. The DT-1754HS offers increased productivity over any semi-automatic solutions and this system holds unrivalled value for the money. The DT-175HS is driven by a 12 station vertically mounted rotary indezing table that is euipped with a high-end European MOTOVARIO brand (Italian) main driven motor.

The DT175-HS is equipped with infeed belt for automatic feeding of parts onto the mandrels with mechanical pusher-arm and the system also includes: 1) Flame pre-treatment station, 2) SIMCO de-ionizing station, 3) Keyence brand optical re-registration system for alignment of multi-passes with precise color to color alignment (option for soft tubes), 4) "No Part Not Stamp" sensor wich prevents the die from stamping if no object is present in the stamping station, 5) Mechanical indexed stamp station, 6) Foil transport and roll up system and 7) Automatic eject station onto an outfeed conveyor. Give us a call to discuss your heat press needs… Need something special? Just give us a call and one of our experts will gladly assist you with your hot stamping press needs.

Deco Tech Heat Transfer Magpie The Deco Tech brand of textile heat transfer presses are well suited for both small and large shops and for jobs big or small. The Deco Tech heat transfer decal presses are most often used for transferring heat set decals and sublimation graphics onto a full range of fabrics, finished garments and hard goods. We have a range of heat presses that are perfect for heat transfer decorating onto; mouse pads, reusable nylon shopping bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, China or porcelain plates and much more. The Deco Tech line of heat transfer decal presses are used to "heat set" digital inks into garments after they have been directly printed to garment. The heat and pressure ensures that the ink will be locked into the garment for greater life. These same heat presses are also used for transferring sublimating dyes into synthetic garments namely nylon clothing (such as trucker hats, golf shirts, lanyards, pajamas, etc). We also offer the coffee mug heat presses which are used for sublimating transfers on ceramic items and we have solutions for both round and flat objects. Give us a call to discuss your heat press needs… Need something special? Just give us a call and one of our experts will gladly assist you with your heat press needs.

Trekk Hot Stamp Presses MODUL Automated Systems We provide the full range of hot stamp machines and heat transfer decal presses from Trekk of Pacific, Missouri. Trekk is a premier American manufacturer of standard and custom solutions for foil stamping and heat transfer decal labeling. Trekk provides vertical hot stamp machinery that can be equipped with or without decal indexers as well as roll-on hot stamp machines for applying pre-printed decals or decorative foil patterns. Trekk is well known and respected as a world-leader in providing turn-key solutions in heat presses (a.k.a. a hot stamp press) and they build many custom automated hot stamping/ heat transfer decal printing solutions to meet their customers' precise needs.

Digital Heat Transfers DecoTech Decals Deco Tech digital heat transfers are dry toner laser printed heat transferred decals that are used for short run applications that require high quality 4 color process (plus white background) print quality. Our digital heat transfers provide beautiful high-resolution (600dpi) graphics or photo quality images that can be bonded (heat transferred) directly onto; plastics products (bonds to 100's of the most popular plastic substrates), wood panels and high density particle board, leather (both natural and synthetic materials), paper products and much more. These digitally printed heat transfer decals are laser printed on a roll to roll fed printer and they release wonderfully from the carrier with low pressure and lower heat than most traditional screen printed heat transfer decals. Deco Tech’s digital transfer labels bond extremely well and they provide a unique decorative advantage with high-gloss and vibrant color-popping appearance. Call us to request samples and discuss how you might use our digital heat transfer technology on your products.