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New Corona Treatment for 3D Parts

sicatech corona unitSICATECH of Denmark has selected DECO TECH to be their exclusive distributor for North America. SICATECH designs and builds Corona systems and their new LF Series of corona generators are quality made systems that provide an ideal solution for pre-treatment of many types of 3-D injection molded plastics. Corona treating systems are excellent at increasing the dyne level of a variety of substrates to ensure good quality ink bonding.

SICATECH (pronounced SEE-KAH-TECH) currently offers two models in their LF Series and they are the model LF 1 and LF 2. The LF 1 Corona Generator is capable of producing 800 watts of energy with an effective treatment area of 65 x 95 mm. The LF 2 is a dual-head unit - that allows you to run two pre-treatment heads in tandem - effectively doubling your pre-treatment area to 130 x 190 mm.

SICATECH has also gone to great lengths to build systems that are cost efficient, user-friendly and easy to maintain. The LF Series treating head is constructed using highly durable ceramic material for directing the corona precisely.

We were introduced to SICATECH via our joint relationship with microPrint, as both companies are microPrint distributors. In addition to being a manufacturer of corona treating systems SICATECH is also an automation house that specializes in building automation systems for a variety of printing applications.

SICATECH is currently developing a new high frequency (HF Series) corona pre-treatment system and this new product development project will reportedly be finished by the third quarter of 2003.

We have LF Series corona units in stock and ready for immediate installation and we can test your parts in our Tech Lab to demonstrate how the dyne level is increased to aid in better ink bonding to your substrate. If you are having issues with ink adhesion it may be wise to consider adding a corona treating system to your production scheme. These corona systems can be used as stand-alone systems (with proper safety-guarding added) or as in-line systems integrated into an automation.