Pad Cleaning Tape

Blue Cleaning TapeToday's modern machinery uses adhesive tape to clean ink & dirt off the silicone pad. All microPrint machines have built-in automatic pad cleaning. While you could use any "shipping tape", our tape is available in several widths to fit many machines. If you need another width contact our customer service department for pricing and availability (800) 300-DECO. This quality tape is de-ionized to ensure no static energy, as static causes problems when using "cheap" shipping tapes. Our tape comes in 55yard rolls, is 1.6 mil thick, and is available in blue and clear colors.

Blue Pad Cleaning Tape

Size Order#
50mm - Blue Tape PPTAPE-50
75mm - Blue Tape PPTAPE-75
89mm - Blue Tape PPTAPE-89
100mm - Blue Tape PPTAPE-100
115mm - Blue Tape PPTAPE-115
140mm - Blue Tape PPTAPE-140
190mm - Blue Tape PPTAPE-190

Clear Pad Cleaning Tape

Size Order#
50mm - Clear Tape PPTAPE-50 CLR
75mm - Clear Tape PPTAPE-75 CLR
89mm - Clear Tape PPTAPE-89 CLR
100mm - Clear Tape PPTAPE-100 CLR
115mm - Clear Tape PPTAPE-115 CLR
140mm - Clear Tape PPTAPE-140 CLR
190mm - Clear Tape PPTAPE-190 CLR