ecoCLEANER Pad Print Cleaning System

ecoCLEANER Pad Print Cleaning System

 Eco-friendly Pad Printing Cleaning Systems

  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Water-based cleaning agent
  • No harmful vapors
  • No unpleasant odors
  • Cleaning agent is recycled & reused
  • Not harmful or corrosive to ink cups & steel clichés
  • All stainless steel construction
  • PLC controlled with variable cycle times
  • Swiss built with world class components

ecoCLEANER 500 with 500mm (19.69") basket diameter

ecoCLEANER 1000 with 1000mm (39.37") basket diameter

The OSMECO Swiss precision built ecoCLEANER is an earth friendly water based parts washing system for cleaning-up pad printing ink cups and accessories. Gone is the expensive & unenjoyable labor of cleaning up ink cups by hand, a job that nobody wants to do and most are cleaned poorly… but with the ecoCLEANER you just load the dirty ink cup parts into the spinning basket, close the lid and press the start button and walk away… The ecoCLEANER does the rest with three high pressure spray nozzles – spraying from the top, bottom and side. The ecoCLEANER breaks down and continually filters out the pad printing inks with our innovative water based Cleanax 200.1 cleaning agent, which is continually being filtered/ recycled via the Sorbex 100.1 all natural filter medium (which comes poly bagged in a dust-free formulation) and the waste ink particulate is separated and the rejuvenated (filtered) cleaning agent is used over and over again. Best of all, this waste ink material can be safely disposed of in a landfill as non-hazardous waste.*

*Note: This statement of claim is made with the supposition that you as the user are utilizing commercially approved and safe pad printing inks that are manufactured within the safety standards and regulations for North American consumption/ usage. Please consult with your local environmental expert/ consultant and/or appropriate regulatory agencies to be certain of your compliance with all local, state and federal laws before disposing of your broken down ink particles into a landfill.

Cleaning Operation

The Cleanax 200.1 cleaning agent (aka “ink remover agent”) has been formulated using non-hazardous and non-flammable ingredients; yet it still safely performs the tough job of cleaning up solvent-based pad printing inks with ease! The innovative ecoCLEANER system can quickly clean up all of your typical pad printing accessories such as; ink cups, clichés (aka printing plates), cliché holders, doctor blade assemblies, etc. We even custom build special ink cup holding systems for lightweight plastic bodied ink cups as are found on many TampoPrintTM brand machine models. The ecoCLEANER pad print cleaning system work great with both 1 or 2 component ink systems that are solvent based or UV/ solvent based and the ecoCLEANER can even remove completely hardened 2-component epoxy inks from your ink cups (with multiple washing cycles). So now those expensive "ruined ink cups" can be put back into production and you can recoup your lost investment.

The ecoCLEANER series of pad printing cleaning systems utilize a state-of-the-art natural filtration system to separate out the pad print inks components (i.e.: their pigments, binders, resins, solvents, etc.) and it uses the science of surface tension to fully clean all of the residual inks and solvents from the ink cup and cliché surfaces. The Cleanax 200.1 is continually pumped and sprayed directly onto the machine parts using 3 powerful jets and the basket is automatically rotated during the cleaning cycle to spray off the ink residue from virtually anywhere on the machine parts. We also have the ability to add special spraying heads and nozzles for difficult to clean ink cups (see photos below of custom solutions).

Recycling Operation / Filtering Operation

During the cleaning cycle the ecoCLEANER is continually cycling dirty Cleanax 200.1 through the filtration process where it separates the broken down ink components from the newly rejuvenated Cleanax 200.1 ink remover agent.  From the control panel you can program the cleaning/ recycle time in the following values; 10, 20 or 30 minute cycles (20 minute cycle is typically for most operations). The beauty of this recycling/ filtering process with Sorbex 100.1 is that the Cleanax 200.1 is fully rejuvenated and the ink remover agent can be used on a continual basis with little to no replacement… thus consuming much less cleaning agent than any traditional solvent based pad print cleaning system.

The Swiss built OSMECO ecoCLEANER systems are the ultimate in Green Cleaning Solutions for your pad printing needs and the ecoCLEANER is far safer for your operator’s health and well-being vs. using a hazardous chemical/ solvent based cleaning system. To find out more about the ecoCLEANER and this innovative pad print parts cleaning systems just give us a call at (800) 300-DECO and ask to speak to one of our technical sales associates.

Process Illustration
ecoCLEANER Illustration ecoCLEANER Basket Spray Nozzles

Three spray wands and a rotating basket ensure that parts are properly cleaned.

Optional ink cup basket

Optional ink cup holders are available in many configurations.

Shown with special nozzles for Tampoprint ink cups

Shown with special nozzles for Tampoprint™ ink cups.

ecoCLEANER Optional Side Spray Nozzles

Optional side spray nozzles

Custom cup holders are available

Custom cup holders are available

Top loading adsorber cartridge

Top loading adsorber cartridge

Heavy duty hinges

Heavy duty hinges