microPrint's model LCN-132 was specially designed as a 1, 2 or 3 color pad printer and it's based upon the other LC Series machines detailed above (namely the LCN-131 and LCN-151). This specially designed pad transfer printer was borne out of a large customers specific production needs.

This Fortune 500 customer requested that microPrint build them a pad printer that needs (virtually) no human intervention during the production run…

This challenge was quickly taken from design phase to reality phase within just 10 weeks and today this customer is one of microPrint largest worldwide, with over 120 machines at their various facilities!

These LCN-132 pad printing machines were interfaced into fully automated part assembly and pad printing production cells which are run "lights-out" with no machinery operators present. After being pad printed with the 3 colors (one color in each cup) these consumer electronic parts (primarily electric razor housings) are 100% camera inspected to check for printing quality. On these production lines, the microPrint machinery produces less than .5% scrap rate and total efficiency.

microPrint was selected as their sole-supplier worldwide because of their unique ability to provide pad printing equipment that perform with near zero defects, by better controlling ALL of the process variables. These key features help to make this high-performance level possible:

  • Programmable Tape Pad Cleaning Device
  • Automatic Ink Viscosity Control system
  • Module design with central post
  • RS 232 automation interface connector
  • No tools needed for machine set-up
  • Interlocked safety guards (CE approved)
  • Touch Screen interface with easy icons

Since 1995 microPrint of Switzerland has been successfully crafting a complete range of "intelligent pad printing machines" that will completely control the pad printing process. microPrint rewrote the book on pad-printing technology and they continually bring forth new innovations to the pad printing marketplace.

Call us now at (800) 300-DECO to find out more about microPrint's remarkable line of pad transfer printing machines, and let us prove to you that we have what it takes to keep your pad print department running smoothly.