The microPrint MODUL 220 is the "big daddy" in their line of MODUL Series pad transfer printing machines. The MODUL machines can be ordered as standalone print heads or as part of an automated system. Several MODUL machines can be combined into one centralized system which can be operated over a single touch screen display and the multiple heads (machines) data is saved in one single PLC location. Furthermore, settings that are saved from one MODUL, can be moved or even copied to another MODUL in the chain.

Each MODUL 220 pad printing head can be outfitted with either 180 or 200mm diameter (7" or 7.87") magnetic ink cups that are outfitted with adjustable pneumatic cup pressure and like the other smaller MODUL machines in the line-up, the MODUL 220 is completely programmable from the touch screen and you can program the machine to pick up various artworks on the cliché at different locations on the cliché. The MODUL Series of pad transfer machines are designed to be labor saving systems without having to handle and print parts multiple times. The MODUL Series pad printing machines are fast (linear motor technology), flexible, one-color pad printing machines. The pad and cliché positions (X/Y/Z) can be easily programmed via the user-friendly touchscreen and the print sequence can be freely defined with simple-to-learn graphic icons. Furthermore you can pick up the ink from the cliché multiple times to allow for more opaque prints in each cycle – this is commonly used when printing large white background images on dark substrates.

All MODUL Series pad printers are equipped with an Ethernet interface. The machine parameters can be saved with PC software or automatically over an internal SPS control onto your local server. Remote access allows us to rectify any problems directly and to upload software updates onto the machine as required. As an option, the MODUL Series pad printing modules can be accessed with real-time Ethernet (e.g. EtherCAT) which gives your plant more control to select machine/ job programs and transfer them to various production cells, and with this option you have additional control signals and operating parameters that can be accessed from management’s desktop computer or laptop. As a further option, all MODUL Series units can be upgraded with a barcode scanner with which the appropriate printing sequence can be selected. This reduces setup times and simplifies work steps.

All standalone MODUL Series machines are equipped with two interface ports for adding automation accessories. This makes it much easier for the customer to mount his own automation components. Several options a he parts are present, vacuum units with monitoring systems, pneumatic retainers or pneumatic shuttles and part rotating units.