The microPrint MS-500 is a extremely large universal multi-color (1 to 7 colors) pad printing machine that can easily be outfitted with either sealed ink cups or with open inkwells. In the closed cup configuration the microPrint MS-500 can be set up with several ink cup sizes and these cups can be combined in any number of configurations. Typically closed cup layouts for this MS-500 press is as follows:

  • Seven colors x 56 mm sealed ink cups
  • Six colors x 70 mm sealed ink cups
  • Five colors x 86 mm sealed ink cups
  • Four colors x 120 mm sealed ink cups
  • Four or less x 140 mm sealed ink cups

The MS-500 features (optional) silicone pad tape cleaning device and automatic ink viscosity controls. Typically we outfit the MS-500 with a servo-driven linear part shuttle or a servo-driven Carousel indexer, which is an oval racetrack multi-fixture part indexing system that is fully programmable (see Automation Accessories).

microPrint rewrote the book on pad printing technology and the process improvements found standard on all microPrint machines have made microPrint a World Leader in providing innovative solutions to our customers.