The Deco Tech models DT-4060-F (F = Flat worktable with T-slots) & DT-4060-V (V = Vacuum table) flatbed screen printing presses feature two DC motors to control both the vertical and horizontal motions. These DT-FLAT series of screen printing presses feature a screen head system that is lifted straight-up and down in the vertical plane, keeping the ink right in the "print zone".  These screen presses completely eliminate the printing problems that are prevalent with a clam-shell style press, whereas in a clam-shell screen printing machine, during each cycle, the ink is continually running towards the back of the frame (via gravity) and it moves out of the desired print zone.  So with a vertical lifting press such as these, there is no more stopping production to push the ink back into the proper print zone. Furthermore, our flat vertical lifting method allows the operator to easily load and unload sheets or parts with the added advantage of being able to easily view and inspect the printed parts/sheets throughout the run. The DT-4060 Series are well suited for screen printing small to mid-sized graphic panels, signage, membrane switches, overlays and transfer sheets.  We also have a special version designed just for decorating cocoa butter onto transfer films to decorate or print on chocolates. These screen print machines are also well suited for printing onto industrial flat goods such as stamped metal panels, powder coated materials, injection molded parts and much more. We also have other screen press sizes available in this range. Check out our DT-3050, DT-5070 and DT-6090 models.

  • Dual Axis DC Motor driven
  • Omron PLC controlled with Touch Screen interface
  • Integrated safety bar with stroke interruption
  • Motor driven vertical & horizontal strokes (set mechanically)
  • X/Y/R positioning table (standard with or without a vacuum table)
  • Heavy duty linear slides with sealed bearings
  • Adjustable squeegee angle & calibrated height set-point
  • 400 x 600mm (15.75" x 23.62") print area
  • Pneumatic squeegee pressure with pressure gauge
  • Floor levelers & casters
  • Foot switch controlled