NEWMA 6100 flat-bed screen print machine

NEWMA Series

3 AXIS SERVO - The NEWMA Series (NEWMA-6100T, NEWMA-6140T, NEWMA-6180T) of screen printing presses feature 3-Axis servo (AC motor) drive system that articulates the screen frame in a unique flat (parallel) motion, lifting the screen vertically as it moves upward in an arch motion. This unique "scissors pivot" motion allows the operator to easily load and unload sheets during production runs and also provides the added advantage of allowing the operator to fully view (inspect) the sheets for print defects.

HIGH POWER VACUUM TABLE - Each NEWMA press is equipped with a high flow vacuum pump that provide super-strong flow for accurate and consistent sheet placement and yield tight color to color registration.

EASY PRESS ADJUSTMENTS - All NEWMA press parameters are easily adjustable and this screen print press is very user-friendly. The touch screen control is extremely easy to program and icon graphics on the touch-pad keys allow for easy understanding.

All mechanical adjustments are positioned within easy reach of the operator/ set-up mechanic and when you need to adjust the vacuum table (off-contact distance) the control handle is right in front for easy operator access. Also the squeegee and flood bar are controlled from two sides to allow for perfect screen doctoring and perfect print control.

RUGGED BUILT WORKHORSE - The NEWMA's solid welded steel frame allows for high speed production and vibration free motion. Furthermore, the use of high quality electrical and pneumatic components as well as sealed bearings keeps the time required for routine maintenance to the bare minimum. This is the perfect screen printing press for printing on GE Lexan panels or overlays, membrane switches, pressure sensitive decals, art or concert posters, wooden decorative panels, painted metal panels and many other screen print applications.