plastic oval bottle tooling

The RokuPrint SD-05 can screen print directly on tennis balls as shown here. We have all the technical knowledge to assist you with printing on tennis balls. This same basic set-up can also be used for screen printing onto Christmas ornaments.

plastic oval bottle tooling

The SD-05 was tooled up to screen print frosted plastic oval bottles. The part is printed like a flat part because the angle was close to flat.

pen barrel tooling

The SD-05 can be tooled up for screen printing on pens and pen barrels with an adjustable set of roller jigs as shown above.

pen barrel tooling pen barrel tooling

The SD-05 is shown above with special tooling for screen printing on plastic or stainless steel coffee travel mugs with handles. The screens are cut out to allow the handle to rotate freely while being printed.

screen printed aluminum water bottle

Aluminum water bottles can be screen printed on the SD-05 and the RP-2.2 screen printing machines. This 2 color image was registered from the cap since there is no registration lug on the bottom of the water bottle.