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microPrint MS-500 - 5 color golf ball pad printing with servo indexed race track indexer

The MS-500 pad printing machine is outfitted with 14 station servo driven carousel part indexer and it also features automatic tape pad cleaning device and ball push-down device to seat the balls into the nesting fixtures securely. It also features a pneumatic push-up "finger" to lift the balls out of the nests after printing. This pad transfer printing system features individual cliché holders with X/Y & R adjustment on each cliché.

microPrint MS-500 - 4-Color mint tin Printing Video

The MS-500 pad printing machine shown with servo driven part shuttle and automatic tape pad cleaning device. The MS-500 can be equipped with either sealed ink cups or open/ covered inkwell systems and this customer selected the open inkwell configuration for super fast printing plate changeovers. These mint tins are very popular ASI items and corporate logos are easily printed on the candy tin lids.

microPrint MS-500 with 5 color round printing device for pad printing lip balm tubes

This machine video shows the MS-500 pad transfer machine equipped with five special rotary pad attachments that allow for 1 to 5 color programmable pad printing onto lip balm tubes. The lip balm cylinders are manually loaded onto the mandrel and the pads are servo indexed along with the part rotation also being servo indexed for precision printing. The five pads are mounted to a linear motor shuttle system and the rigid tubes are air-ejected after printing.

microPrint MS-500 pad print machine decorating 4 colors on BMW paper cubes

This pad print system is decorating on 4 sides of paper blocks or cubes using a 2 position rotary table with automatic turning device (4 times). The four silicone pads are outfitted on linear motor shift device to move the pads for printing the 4 colors in tight registration. The paper cube clamping system is also outfitted with an auto centering device to ensure that the cubes are all printed in the same location and automatic pad cleaning ensures high quality printing results every cycle.

microPrint Modul Series - programmable CNC pad printing on paper cubes

This automation has been designed to pad print paper cubes and it shows the multi sided handling system turning the paper cubes automatically and the system can detect when all four sides have been pad printed and then it moves them to the loading and unloading bay where the operator will load the pallets with fresh unprinted paper blocks. All printing plate parameters are easily programmed as the Modul machines are outfitted with three axis (X/Y/Theta) linear motor controls and you can align artworks without making any mechanical adjustments.

microPrint Modul Series pad printer with multi-axis automation for glue gun housing print

This video shows the multi-axis programmable (CNC controlled) Modul series pad printing machines designed for decorating various models of a European glue gun housing. The machinery has been programmed to print several different models of these parts without having to change the clichés and all printing positions are memorized in the machine and are quickly recalled for super fast set-ups.

microPrint Modul Series - programmable 3 color household iron printing automation

This unique pad printing system has been designed for decorating BRAUN iron housings in multiple locations. The Modul series of pad printing machines are linear motor controlled and they can be CNC programmed to print complex shaped parts in virtually any axis. The video shows pre-treatment of the parts with gas plasma and shows the iron housing being fully rotated and articulated to print several graphics in many locations.

microPrint MSS-350 with 3 color 90° pad swivel for horizontal printing

The MSS-350 is a unique pad printing machine that has been designed for decorating multi-colors onto parts in a horizontal plane and the pads articulate upward to print at 90°. This MSS-350 machine is equipped with both pad cleaning module and optional ink viscosity controls called VISCOMATIC™. The video also shows the touch screen controls and shows how easily this machine can be programmed and job data saved.

microPrint ML-350 multi-axis programmable pad printing workstation

The microPrint ML-350 is shown herein decorating 3-dimensional parts with the robotic part turning device that is fully programmable from the touch screen. Dual axis linear motor controls allow the ML-350 to plot and print graphics in various programmable locations and jobs can be stored in the on board PLC controls.

MODUL Automated Helmet (Hard Hat) Pad Printing System

(Video removed per customers request) This video shows a new MODUL Pad Printing system from microPrint with automatic part shuttle device and linear motor controlled print heads giving you X/Y programmability as well as the ability to rotate helmet 360 degrees.

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