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Replacement Ink Cups

Ink Cups

DECO TECH provides a full range of replacement ink cups for the microPrint brand of machinery and our replacement hard steel and ceramic rings and CNC machined aluminum ink cup housings (with magnetic hold down) have been successfully retro-fitted onto several brands pad printing machine models.

The microPrint magnetic ink cups are the finest quality cups in the world and they are precision CNC machined in Switzerland and they provide superior quality doctoring! We realize this is a bold statement/ claim and we can back it up.

Here are several key points about our microPrint magnetic cups that make them superior:

  • microPrint brand ink cups are outfitted with the magnetic rings around the perimeter of the cup which gives better doctoring on both polymer clichés and steel clichés vs. cups that have a "center magnetic plug".
  • Lots of magnets = clean doctoring vs. a single large magnet in the center.
  • Large diameter center hole give you a lot of open area to add ink inside the microPrint ink cup vs. other brands of ink cups that only have a small port hole on the outside wall, and you have to poor the ink into that tiny hole (a messy and difficult procedure at best).
  • No special tools required for setting up your pad print machinery. Some competitive brands of pad printers require a special clamping device to be used for loading and unloading the sealed ink cups and clichés into their machines.
  • Replacement rings are available in both hardened steel (never need honing or sharpening!) and ceramic materials, giving our customers the best of both worlds. It is well known in our industry that hard steel rings work (doctor) best on thick (10mm) steel clichés and on thin (0.5mm) steel clichés. The ceramic rings work best on all types of photo polymer clichés

Ink cup housing & replacement ring chart of available sizes:

Sizes & item description Print size Item #:
40mm (1.57") - Magnetic cup housing with O-ring n/a MP2310040
40mm (1.57") - Replacement hard steel ring 30mm Ø (1.18") MP2312040
56mm (2.20") - Magnetic cup housing with O-ring n/a MP2310056
56mm (2.20") - Replacement ceramic ring 46mm Ø (1.81") MP2314056
56mm (2.20") - Replacement hard steel ring 46mm Ø (1.81") MP2312056
70mm (2.75") - Magnetic cup housing with O-ring n/a MP2310070
70mm (2.75") - Replacement ceramic ring 60mm Ø (2.36") MP2314070
70mm (2.75") - Replacement hard steel ring 60mm Ø (2.36") MP2312070
86mm (3.38") - Magnetic cup housing with O-ring n/a MP2310086
86mm (3.38") - Replacement ceramic ring 76mm Ø (2.99") MP2314086
86mm (3.38") - Replacement hard steel ring 76mm Ø (2.99") MP2312086
120mm (4.72") - Magnetic cup housing with O-ring n/a MP2310120
120mm (4.72") - Replacement ceramic ring 110mm Ø (4.33") MP2314120
120mm (4.72") - Replacement hard steel ring 110mm Ø (4.33") MP2312120
140mm (5.51") - Magnetic cup housing with O-ring n/a MP2310140
140mm (5.51") - Replacement ceramic ring 130mm Ø (5.12") MP2314140
140mm (5.51") - Replacement hard steel ring 130mm Ø (5.12") MP2312140
160mm (6.30") - Magnetic cup housing with O-ring n/a MP2310160
160mm (6.30") - Replacement hard steel ring 150mm Ø (5.90") MP2312160
Ink Cup Rings

Ceramic Ink Cup Rings

Hard Steel Ink Cup Rings

Size A B C OD ID
56mm (2.20") 9.10 3.3 3.0 62 56
86mm (3.38") 9.45 3.3 3.0 92 86
120mm (4.72") 9.50 3.3 3.5 127 120
140mm (5.51") 9.40 4.0 4.0 144 135
Size A B C OD ID
56mm (2.20") 8.8 2.5 3.0 62 56
70mm (2.75") 9.0 3.0 3.0 72 66
86mm (3.38") 9.0 3.0 3.0 92 86
120mm (4.72") 8.7 3.5 3.5 127 120
140mm (5.51") 9.0 3.9 4.0 144 135
160mm (6.30") 9.0 3.0 3.0 162 156