Beta Cap/Pocket

Beta Cap/Pocket

Designed for the application of transfers to all types of headwear and small garments, the Beta Cap Pocket Combo Press features our renowned Digital Controller for the accurate pre-selection of both time and temperature. The position of the base platens are adjustable to suit different styles of cap and garment.

The Beta Cap Pocket Combo Press combines 2 heads that can be interchanged in a matter of second via a simple locating knob with electrical connections on a plug-in lead. This design innovation greatly simplifies all aspect of head placement.

The work area of the Beta Cap Pocket Combo Press is:
Cap Pad - 15cm x 9cm (6" x 3.6")
Pocket Pads - 10cm x 8cm or 8cm x 6cm (3.9" x 3.2" or 3" x 2.")