Pad Printing Pads from deco tech

Deco Tech has been manufacturing silicone transfer pads in California since 1987 and through the years we have become a major supplier of silicone pads for all types & brands of pad printing machinery. Deco Tech has a wide range of pad shapes and durometers and a full range of silicone rubber formulations to meet all your needs and price point.  Deco Tech currently offers four different choices in; performance, price points and longevity for our pad clients and we offer a highly competitive pricing structure with all our pad formulations, and we even offer greater discounts for large quantity purchases.

All four of our silicone rubber formulations have been designed to deliver high resolution prints with long-life expectancy. Deco Tech silicone pads provide fast break-in period (or no break-in period), deliver superior quality images and show long-lasting durability at all price points. We have several hundred standard pad molds in our inventory, and we also manufacture custom pad molds in-house.


Selection of pad Printing Pads


 In general, the hardest (highest durometer), sharpest angle, printing pad will provide the best quality printed image. Exceptions to this rule relate to your machines ability to fully compress a hard durometer pad. Ideally, the optimum size of the printing pad should be a minimum of 20% larger than the desired image size.  In our pad catalog we give you the information on what size graphic can be printed without distortion.


Pad Printing Pads: Formulations



DuraPro™ Our most premium quality pad printing pad

In 1997 we developed our premium quality DuraPro™ silicone pad formulation which is made from the highest quality German made silicone rubber material and it produces excellent prints with extreme durability. The secret formula to our DuraPro™ formulation cannot be revealed, but you'll find that they have been optimized for continuous flexing and will provide consistent and repeatable ink lay-down. This is the “industry standard” material that all other pads are measured against. Our DuraPro™ silicone has excellent abrasion resistance, excellent chemical (thinner) resistance (and it doesn’t swell up), and it provides excellent flexibility and is resistant to cutting from sharp edges on parts. The DuraPro™ silicone provides superior ink release qualities and our formulation works extremely well with two-components inks, single component inks and UV pad printing inks. DuraPro™ pads are available in 65 to 20 Shore A (00 scale) durometers.

Stat-X™ Anti-static silicone pad printing pads - High quality

Static energy is the #1 enemy in achieving quality printing results in pad printing and standard issue silicone pads can quickly become charged with static energy during production. When a silicone transfer pad is loaded with static, it will easily collect dust particles and debris, which will stop you from achieving sharp prints with clean edge-definition. Static energy causes a phenomenon known as “spider webbing” where you will see little web-like trails of ink being displaced and printed around the edges of your artwork. A static filled pad can also cause static discharge while printing on sensitive electronic devices resulting in circuit failure. Our Stat-X™ pad formulation has been developed using conductive silicone polymers and fillers that cannot be static-charged. Due to these anti-static properties, no dust particles or debris will be collected on the pad surface, and the possibility of static discharge is eliminated. Stat-X™ silicone rubber formulation is available in 65 to 40 Shore A (00 scale) durometers.

printz™ silicone - pad printing pads - good quality and priced right

Our Printz™ rubber formulation is quickly becoming a most popular silicone pad material, as it is priced extremely well and it performs at a high level, even when compared to pad materials that cost much more. Our Printz™ silicone is easy to recognize with its distinctive “purple rain” color and it is quick to break in, provides full definition ink pickup and transfers all types of pad printing inks very well. Our Printz™ silicone will have you singing high praises as it is a rock-star in our pad line-up. The Printz™ silicone rubber material is available in 65 to 40 Shore A (00 scale) durometers.