Make the SMART choice with our 1 color pad printing machine model SMART 130. The SMART 130 pad printer is compact & economical and it features automatic pad cleaning device (optional) and a sealed ink cup up to 120mm, yielding a large print area of 4.3" Ø. The SMART SERIES pad print machinery is very accurate like a Swiss watch and is easy to use, fast and inexpensive to own.

FAST PRODUCTION SPEED - The SMART 130 pad print press is a real smooth operator with a top speed of 2,000 cycles per hour!

TAPE PAD CLEANING - Both the SMART SERIES machines are available with or without the tape pad cleaning device. The tape pad cleaning device is easily mounted and the control board has a quick connector and the necessary software is pre-loaded.

TOUCH PAD INTERFACE - The SMART SERIES pad printing machines are outfitted with touch pad membrane switch control panel with a multi-line LCD display for easy to understand instructions. The SMART controls include: single, double or multi-print, single or continuous cycle and set-up mode with individual adjustment of each step in the printing sequence.

LASER CUT & WELDED CONSTRUCTION - All microPrint machine frames are constructed of heavy steel panels that are laser cut and welded and this manufacturing technique ensures vibration-free operation and long-term reliability.

WORLD CLASS COMPONENTS - All microPrint machines feature top-quality components such as SMC pneumatics and precision linear guide bearings and all microPrint machines are built and certified to CE standards.

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