JUMBO DT-1536-4P flat-bed screen print machine

JUMBO Series

The JUMBO SERIES 4 post screen printing presses are available with or without slide tables and they are outfitted with servo motors to control all axis'. Both the print/ flood strokes and screen frame up and down adjustments are controlled via servo-motors. The main advantage of these JUMBO screen presses is the ability to fully program the print and flood stroke lengths and to memorize these variable job parameters in the on-board PLC. You can easy adjust the speed controls from the operator interface control panel and all job parameters (programs) can be quickly recalled from the screen printers touch screen, allowing for ultra-fast set-ups and job changeovers.

  • SERVO DRIVEN - SCREEN FRAME UP & DOWN (direct shaft driven)
  • SERVO PROGRESSIVE SCREEN LIFT (controlled via frame up & down motor)

Because of servo motor technology, these JUMBO SERIES screen printing presses are real smooth performers and they provide high quality printing results and are well suited for screen printing large banners and industrial flat goods.

(four post screen print press) machines are equipped with a dual-axis motor controls and the progressive lift of the screen is controlled via servo motor, so you have precise control over your printing results.

Each DECO TECH JUMBO SERIES Screen Print Press is equipped with a high flow vacuum pump that provide super-strong suction for accurate and consistent sheet placement onto the vacuum bed. The vacuum beds are precision crafted with CNC machinery to ensure consistent flatness across the entire bed. As an option, these high flow vacuum tables can be outfitted with a back blower to help make the large sheets release better from the vacuum table surface.

For fast and easy set-up, both the squeegee and flood bar controls are outfitted with a set of dual linear calibrated pneumatic cylinders which are equipped with calibrated adjustment marks to allow the operator to visualize consistent and even squeegee pressure across the full width of these jumbo sized sheets. The operator can quickly set the squeegee and flood bar heights to produce perfect printing results on-press.

The JUMBO SERIES starts with a rigid welded steel frame construction and all DECO TECH machines are built to world-class standards in engineering. DECO TECH builds their screen print machinery with QUALITY IN MIND and the end- results really show this level of commitment to excellence. DECO TECH uses only high quality electrical and pneumatic components, as well as sealed bearings which keeps their machinery running strong for many, many years to come! If you want a solid built top quality machine at a fair price, then a JUMBO SERIES screen printer is the machine for you!

These extra large format (JUMBO) screen printing presses are well suited for screen printing graphics onto; vinyl banners, textiles, acrylic and architectural glass panels, decorative plastic and wooden panels and more… call us toll free to discuss your application (800) 300-DECO.