To quote one of our very good customers, "The microPrint 5-STAR is the most innovative & versatile pad printing machine I have ever seen… and I've seen them all!"

The INNOVATIVE 5-STAR is a precision built servo-driven rotary indexing pad-printing machine that is a true workhorse. The 5-STAR is perfect for today's progressive injection molding house or custom decorator, as it can quickly be set-up to run as a single color printer and then a few minutes later, be set-up to run a complex 5 color tight registration pad-printing job. This type of versatility is not typically realized in most production facilities that pad print… unless they have the microPrint 5-STAR.

The UNIQUE 5-STAR pad printer has been designed, with 5 pad printing heads that rotate (controlled via servomotor) on a rotary dial, and each print head can be controlled individually. Directly from the touch screen you can independently control all parameters, including:

  • Individual Pad-to-Part stroke length
  • Individual Pad-to-cliché stroke length
  • Individual Pad stroke delays (before & after print)
  • Single or multiple "hit" of colors
    (great for white backgrounds)
  • Individual ink viscosity control (optional)
  • Automatic pad cleaning after each and every print
  • Servo controlled back & forth motion for
    fast 2-color printing*
  • One touch control to bypass any number of print stations

* with optional 2nd tape cleaner added

The VERSATILE 5-STAR pad printing system stands uniquely opposed to most traditional 'linear' pad printers (like our ML-350 & MS-500 for example), whereby the parts to be printed travel around on a racetrack or carousel indexer (typically equipped with 14 or more expensive CNC built nesting fixtures) or a single part is "shuttled" from station to station. On these industry typical "linear pad printers" you cannot double print and you cannot individually control all of the printers parameters individually as the printer will pick up all 4 or 5 colors at one time and then transfer them to the part at one single stroke (or multi-stroked at the same distance on shuttle systems).

So by having the microPrint 5-STAR in your quiver of pad printing machinery, you can realize the ultimate in flexibility and performance, coupled with low tooling costs and fast job changeovers.