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Pad Printing on Soft Touch Materials

Soft Touch Varnish for Pad Printing - PC140-7117/05

Deco Tech is proud to announce our new PC140-7117/05 soft touch additive/varnish for use with our Printcolor 792 series pad printing inks. This additive allows for superior adhesion onto Soft-Touch and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) materials for items such as phone & tablet cases, pens, cosmetic bottles, water bottles, and stress balls. The PC140-7117/05 varnish is extremely user friendly and provides great adhesion. Lab tests have proven superior abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

Tips for printing on Soft Touch

The easy to remember mixing ratio of this varnish is 1:1, with equal parts of the PC140 varnish is mixed with the Printcolor 792 series ink. Once fully mixed, our PC700-HDA hardener is added at 10% by weight. Lastly, thinner is added to the soft touch ink at a ratio of 10-15% by weight.

Ink / Varnish / Thinner Mixing Ratio / Percentage
Printcolor 792 series ink: 1:1
PC140-7117/05 Varnish: 1:1
PC700-HDA hardener: 10% by weight
GS-017 thinner
GS-019 thinner (fast speed thinner)
PC10-03432 (slow speed thinner)
10-15% by weight

It is very important to remember not to use more thinner than this recommended amount. Studies and tests have shown that when too much thinner is used it erodes the soft touch coating causing the print to crack and peel. It is recommended to place the printed parts in a dryer or in front of a fan to speed up evaporation of the thinner. In most pad printing applications our GS-017 thinner is best, when using this soft touch varnish it is always best to use the fastest speed thinner possible, like our GS-019 fast speed thinner. When screen printing, using a faster speed thinner is not possible, as it will dry too quickly in the screen, causing it to clog the screen. Our slow speed thinner for screen printing is recommended (PC10-03432).

The PC140-7117/05 varnish is in stock and ready to ship! Please contact us 714-639-3326 to request more information or samples!