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The SMART Series gets smarter

smart 130 unit with pad cleaningJune 2006 - The SMART SERIES pad printers from microPrint have gotten a face lift and a new (smarter) brain! For 2006 microPrint created a brand new SMART 130 and SMART 250 pad transfer printing machine line and these new machines are now available with membrane switch controls and optional pad cleaning.

The previous version of the SMART SERIES pad printing machinery was revamped into this new taller framed machine and these machines now have updated controls which make this machine a great addition to your production line.

OPTIONAL TAPE CLEANING DEVICE - This compact and inexpensive press is now able to be outfitted in the field with an optional tape cleaning device and this module can be quickly mounted (within a few minutes) because all of the necessary mounting holes are already machined into the machines welded steel frame. Furthermore the systems PLC is already programmed to receive this pad cleaning device and you only have to make one connection to the machines controls.

FLEXIBLE INK CUP SIZES - The new SMART pad printer press can be outfitted with either 86mm or 120mm ink cups (ceramic rings are standard equipment).

Please contact our customer service department for more details at (800) 300-DEC0.