LC-6B Drying Conveyor
LC-6B Conveyor Dryer

Technical Data LC-6B
Normal Width: 6" (152mm)
Lamp Position: Rotatable, 360° Vertical adjustment focus at belt surface to 4"(100 mm) beyond focus.
Overall Length: 42" (1070 mm)
Overall Width: 20" (510 mm)
Overall Height: W/o lamp: 12.2" (310 mm)
With: 27.4" (695 mm)
Weight: W/o lamp: 55 lbs.
Belt: .25" woven Teflon®-coated Kevlar® fiber, carbon impregnated, with unique fold-back loop seam.
Belt Travel Direction: Right to left standard
Speed Indicator: Digital, in ft/min or m/min
Speed Ranges: Two Models:
Low Speed range is .03 to 23 ft/min
Standard Speed Range is 16 to 250 ft/min
Drive: PMDC gearmotor; Synchronous belt drive; interchangeable pulleys provide two ranges for each system, low speed and standard speed.
Controls: Power on/off, speed adjust, lamp on/off
Interconnections: Lamp on/off (incorporates zero-speed switch)
Exhaust Blower: Included-internal
Fasteners: Metric
Power: 117/230 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz, internally selected. IEC style power connection, with power switch.
Output @ 100% Power: 300 W/inch (120 W/cm)