The MS-250 pad printing press from microPrint of Switzerland is designed to be a robust and speedy single or multi-color pad printing machine. For 2 color pad printing applications it can be set-up with either a two-position part shuttle or a 2 position pad shuttle with two 86mm closed cups or two 120mm closed ink cups.

The microPrint MS-250 pad transfer printer can also be configured with up to 4 sealed ink cups at 56 mm (2.2") diameter. The modular design allows you to use many different ink cup sizes in a number of combinations (see specs for details). With a 4 color ink cup set-up, the model MS-250 is perfectly matched with our programmable servo-driven linear indexing part shuttle, making the MS-250 a perfect solution for multi-color golf ball printing. This solid built and compact pad printer is ideal for printing many injection molded parts, such as medical devices, advertising specialty items & many other industrial goods.

  • Automatic pad cleaning without production loss
  • Fast cliché plate changeover without tools
  • Automatic ink viscosity control system
  • Easy integration into automated systems
  • Simple to use graphical operator interface
  • X/Y/R cliché holder adjustment

microPrint rewrote the book on pad printing technology with their many innovations, and today microPrint is a Worldwide leader in providing innovative solutions for the pad printing customer.