MS-250 pad printing machine shown with catheter connector printing. This pad print machine prints 8 catheter connectors at a time on two opposite sides. Also this machine is equipped with three sided light curtain safety guards that can be activated to control the print cycle.

MS-250 without stand

MS-250 pad printing machine shown without stand.

VISCOMATIC™ ink viscosity control systemVISCOMATIC™ touch-screen controls

VISCOMATIC™ system with touch screen control showing the bar graph with set-point (right bar) and actual value (left bar).

Flow control valve bank

Flow control valve bank is shown here and is easily accessible on the side of the pad printing machine model MS-250.

Control knobs

These control knobs located in the back of the machine allow you to micro-adjust the front to back pad location and front to back plate positions. This feature is very useful when aligning difficult or small sized applications.

X/Y/R/Z adjusting

The MS-250 is available with this user friendly X/Y/R/Z micro-adjusting work table shown above which makes job set-ups extremely quick and easy.