Technical Support

At DECO TECH we are all about service done right & we want to prove it!

Since our humble beginnings in June of 1987 we have always known the importance of providing QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE. We fully understand that our business is not just about providing quality consumables and plastic, glass and metal printing / decorating machinery, rather it is really about SUPPORTING OUR CUSTOMERS BEFORE, DURING & AFTER THE SALE!

Because this is our corporate philosophy and our daily practice, we continue to grow and expand our range of services.

In 1998 we installed a full service machine shop in-house and we design, build and fabricate a full range of custom tooling fixtures and automated parts handling devices for our screen printing, pad printing and corona treating systems. We also provide some unique digital printing solutions to our clients and we continue to offer the latest technologies for printing plastics, glass and metal products. Check out our screen print automations and our pad print automation section for more details on our automated solutions. Check out our full range of nesting fixtures also.

With our small and focused engineering / manufacturing team, we are able to do most anything from the simplest nesting fixtures to fully automated pad transfer printing systems, UV screen printing solutions and conveyor corona treating equipment.


Our primary list of technical services includes:

  • Field Service to support our equipment lines & other brands
  • Field Support for all of our pad print and screen print consumable items
  • Process evaluation & hands-on consultation
  • Screen & Pad Printing machinery refurbishing and repair
  • Screen and Pad Print tooling/ fixture design & manufacturing
  • Design & fabrication of Automated UV screen & pad print systems Corona or Flame Pretreatment systems
  • Robotic parts handling devices
  • Conventional and UV Curing systems for screen printing inks
  • Workshop style technical training courses at your facility or ours

If you have any technical service questions or automation equipment related projects please don't hesitate to contact us via telephone (800) 300-DECO or email Mike Learmouth at or Ron Davis at