High speed digital printing solutions for tubes & cans KX48P Deco Tech is proud to announce the new & innovative line of high speed digital printing systems from Martinenghi of Italy. The new Martinenghi KX48P digital ink jet system is a high-speed system (200 tubes per minute) with extreme color registration & precision, and this system allows you to print fully customizable & personalized graphics at 1,200 dpi. The KX48P is composed of multiple piezoelectric printing heads, and the digital inks are UV cured in-line and auto camera inspected. The KX48P digital printing system has been designed for 360° of printing on; aluminum tubes (rigid & flexible), aerosol cans, aluminum cans and bottles and plastic tubes (both rigid & flexible). Please contact us at (800) 300-DECO for more information and be sure to watch the exciting product video. Deco Tech is the exclusive sales agent for the Martinenghi digital printing systems in North America.

Short Run Digital Label Printer iSys EDGE 850 Digital Label Printer You tired of paying big dollars for having someone produce your labels out of house? You tired of excessive “minimum quantity orders” when buying labels from an outside vendor? They say you need to buy 1,000 labels when you know that you may only need 300 or so? …Gain the EDGE on your competition and control your label needs with ease. You can now afford to bring your short run label making in-house! It is now easier and more economical than ever with the iSys Label (Canadian built) EDGE 850. You can print on pre-die cut stock or un-cut adhesive label stock. You print with 1,200 x 600 dpi four color resolution and you can also print variable data (ie: serial numbers, date or lot codes, bar codes, etc.) onto your label stock, at speeds of 30 feet per minute (9.14 meters/minute)… that 6 inches per second! You can also print on a wide array of media. The EDGE 850 is perfectly suited for beverage and container labels such as; boutique wineries, micro-breweries, water bottlers (for special events & promotions), vitamin producers, food packaging, consumer product labels, industrial labels and many more markets. The EDGE 850 uses superior (no streaking) LED technology (not laser technology) to fuse the toner onto the label stock at lower temps, yielding great looking full color photo quality labels.

Digital Label & Converting Press Digital Label mprint of Germany builds the LP Series of Thermal Transfer Ribbon presses that feature; 2, 4 or 6 color TTR digital label printing (400 dpi), in-line rotary die cutting module, over laminating module with waste rewind and label slitting device. Many other converting options are available including; cross-cutting, perforating, pin feed punching, sheeting device and optical re-registration device for aligning to pre-printed label stock. These mprint presses are well suited for printing industrial graphics onto a full range of label stocks and you can print variable information onto each label including; personalized names, consecutive numbers, serial numbers, bar codes and more.

Digital Printer for Short Run Packaging DT-3PO Digital Printer The OKI PRO 910 digital color media printer is a versatile and flexible printer that is a great fit for your short-run media, packaging, labeling, brochure printing and much more. The OKI PRO 910 is a workhorse that turns out breathtaking output at a fast pace for just pennies per page, and fits in comfortably with your existing color workflow. The OKI PRO 910 also delivers consistent professional quality color through HD Color printing technology, automatically calibrating colors, making color corrections on the fly, and supporting various ink simulations. That, and up to 1200 x 600 dpi resolution, enables the OKI PRO 910 to deliver fine details and stunning color depth, whether on glossy stock, custom or specialty media, or onto ordinary paper. The produces a wide range of documents on a variety of paper weights and sizes. Single Pass Color technology and the straight-through paper path of the OKI PRO 910 allow for faster color and mono print speeds, minimal paper jams, and smooth handling. Features like Auto Media Detect automatically adjust the printer to your required media type, and Auto Color Balance ensures that output remains consistent from the first sheet to the last. The OKI PRO 910 from DECO TECH: high quality and reliability with low operational costs—the affordable Digital Color Printer for your short run, on-demand color print needs. The OKI PRO 910 is used to print many different items including: brochures, sheet fed labels, textile transfers, paint can labels, 55 gallon Drum labels, pre-die cut & perforated boxes, proto-type packaging mock-ups and much more. Give us a call at (800)300-DECO to discuss your digital media printing needs.

Heat Transfer Decals Grafixx Decals DECO TECH provides our customers with turn-key solutions for digitally printed heat transfer decals and they are printed with 5 colors (CMYK + white background) at 600dpi with a dry toner laser printer equipped with specialized converting/ coating equipment to apply the heat transfer adhesives, which make the decals bond well to a wide variety of plastic and coated/ painted substrates. These digital heat transfer decals are designed to be hot stamped directly onto your products and they are widely used in these markets; CD & DVD disc printing, ASI or Advertising Specialty Industry (heat transferring graphics onto items like; vinyl checkbooks, plastic mugs and drinkware, restaurant menu covers, notebook covers, pencils, pens, lighters, letter openers, magnetic signs and refrigerator magnets, awards, plaques, and so much more!). Our digital heat transfer decals are also applied to sporting goods such as; graphite arrow shafts & golf shafts, skateboard wheels, souvenir baseballs, etc.). Because of the high quality 4 color process graphics, they are also making headway into the cosmetics packaging marketplace and are printed onto; flexible tubes, plastic jars & lids, lip balm tubes, eye-liner pencils, etc… There are so many applications including; nameplates. name badges, decorative light switch covers and so much more! Give us a call to request samples and pricing.