Medical Device Pad Printing

Deco Tech has been providing solutions for both pad printing and screen printing on medical devices since 1987.  We specialize in medical device printing solutions with Swiss precision built pad printing machinery from microPrint and we also provide certified USP Class VI medical grade pad printing Inks from Printcolor Ltd that are tested and approved for medical device printing. These Printcolor brand inks are tested for System Toxicity, and Intracutaneously Toxicity and are therefor safe for printing on catheters.

We provide pad printing solutions for use in your cleanroom, and we offer microPrint brand pad printing machinery with full safety cell enclosures, exhaust ports or hoods as required. We also provide pre-treating equipment using corona treating systems from SicaTech of Denmark.

Examples of medical devices pad printed solutions

✓ Catheter Tubes ✓ Guide Wires
✓ Syringe barrels ✓ Surgical Staplers
✓ Urine Suction Tubes ✓ Hypo Tubes
✓ Device Lenses ✓ Cannulas
✓ Device Housings ✓ Tracheal & Edotracheal Tubes