The microPrint LCN-131 is the most intelligent pad printing machine ever built.

When microPrint first introduced the LC Series line of pad print machinery back in 1995, the world of pad print equipment virtually changed overnight… Finally there was a line of pad printing equipment available that could control all of the production problems associated with the pad printing process.

The unique LCN-131 is a compact pad printer that answers all of the complaints concerning the pad printing process. Here are a few highlights of the key features:

  • Automatic pad cleaning without production loss
  • Fast cliché plate changeover without any tools
  • Automatic ink viscosity control system
  • Easily integrated into any automation system
  • Simple to use graphical operator interface
  • X/Y/R cliché holder adjustment

The LC Series pad printing machines were the cornerstone on which microPrint built their worldwide success. Today microPrint has emerged as the leader in innovation for the pad printing marketplace.