MODUL-200 Pad Printer


The MODUL 200 is the "big daddy" in the line of microPrint MODUL pad transfer printing machines. The MODUL 200 machinery can be outfitted with either 160 or 180mm diameter (6.29" or 7") magnetic ink cups and like the other MODUL machines in the line the MODUL 200 is completely programmable from the touch screen and you can program the machine to pick up various artworks on the cliché at different times. This system shown above is equipped with three print heads and a 3D flame treating station and is printing on a 3-dimensional injection molded housing for a household clothes iron. This system is also equipped with a servo motor controlled linear part slide with servo motor turning device for multi-axis printing on this complex shaped part. The MODUL Series of machines are designed to be labor saving systems without having to handle and print parts multiple times.