The microPrint MS-500S is a closed-cup pad printer that features a servo-driven horizontal linear slide attachment, which drives the closed cup back and forth (left to right) to keep the pad printing ink wet and ready to print on the cliché.

This unique pad printing press is particularly suited for printing on medical devices such as long tubing for catheters. This catheter tubing printer is designed to print accurate "depth marks" onto catheters of varying diameters and lengths. The MS-500S is engineered to meet and exceed the needs of the Medical Device Manufacturing industry.

The MS-500S closed cup slide pad printer features the following:

  • Print lengths up to 600mm (23.62" or longer)
  • Pneumatic cup pressure for leak free cup cycling
  • Ceramic or Steel rings on closed ink cup
  • Uses either thin steel or polymer printing plates
  • Touch Screen control with graphical icons
  • Job data program storage
  • Programmable Tape Pad Cleaning device

The MS-500S sliding cup pad printer can be tooled-up to pad print 180° around the circumference or tooled-up to print a full 360° band around with our automatic part rotating device (done in two prints). For more information give us a call at (800) 300-DECO.