The microPrint model MSS-130 is a specially designed pad printer that can pivot the printing pad upward 90° to print on the horizontal plane. This unique and innovative pad printing machine is perfectly suited for interfacing into an automated production line, where you need to articulate the printing pad to print on the edge of a particular product. This unique type of pad transfer printing machinery is often used for pad printing on electronic, medical and automotive components.

This pad transfer printer can have the operator control panel mounted on the front or on the backside of this machine, making access to the machines controls simple if used in an automation or as a stand-alone printer. The MSS-130 is also equipped with an automatic pad cleaning device that uses normal shipping tape to clean the silicone printing pad. You can program the machine to clean the printing pad every cycle or every few cycles (programmable from 1 to 99). You can also add the VISCOMATIC™, which is our optional ink viscosity control system that continually monitors and adjusts the inks viscosity range.

This innovative pad printer features:

  • Programmable automatic pad cleaning device (optional)
  • Extremely fast cliché (plate) changeover without any tools
  • Pad print ink viscosity control system (software included)
  • Easy wide open access to the cliché and ink cup for fast set-ups
  • Intelligent touch screen controls with easy to use graphic icons
  • X/Y/R cliché holder and X/Y/R pad adjustment
  • Automation interface with RS-232 port

microPrint rewrote the book on pad printing technology with their many innovations, and today microPrint is the world leader in providing innovative solutions for the discerning pad printing customer.