microPrint's MSS-350 is an innovative pad transfer printer that can "swivel" 90° for printing graphics on a horizontal plane. This multi-color MSS-350 pad printing machine is perfectly suited for mounting into an automated pad transfer printing system (such as a rotary table or linear indexing system). The MSS-350 is an up to 6 color pad printer that is similar in design to our standard MS-350, except this pad printer swivels or rotates the printing pads upward 90° to print multi-color graphics on the horizontal plane.

The MSS-350 features the same controls and programmable features as found on all of our MS SERIES printers. The MSS-350 also features an automatic pad cleaning device that is fully programmable and can clean the silicone printing pads from 1 to 99 cycles. You can also add (optional) our VISCOMATIC™ ink viscosity control system. The Viscomatic will continually monitor the pad printing inks viscosity and keep it in the "printable" process window.

Every microPrint pad printer is precision built in Switzerland and they are compact, fast and precisely built. In addition to using world-class components the microPrint machine frames are also precision laser cut to ensure that we provide you with the most precise and accurate machines available. This MSS-350 pad transfer machine is ideally suited for medical device applications, automotive interior components, cosmetic packaging applications and a large variety of other plastic, glass or metal products.

You can't go wrong with a pad printer that features:

  • Programmable automatic pad cleaning device (optional)
  • Extremely fast cliché (plate) changeover without any tools
  • Pad print ink viscosity control system (software included)
  • Wide open operator loading area for small or large part printing
  • Intelligent touch screen controls with easy to use graphic icons
  • X/Y/R cliché holder and X/Y/R pad adjustment
  • Automation interface with RS-232 port

microPrint rewrote the book on pad printing technology with their many innovations, and today microPrint is the world leader in providing innovative solutions for the discerning pad printing customer.