Printcolor Screen Printing Inks

We distribute Swiss screen printing inks from Printcolor in both UV and water based formulations.  Printcolor is an ISO 9001 certified ink manufacturer.

Printcolor 500 Series - UV Screen Printing Inks

UV Screen Printing Ink for Plastics & Plastic Bottles  
Printcolor Series 533 is a low migration UV screen print ink for use on all type of plastic packaging for food & drink products, cosmetic containers, standard and biodegradable water bottles, pharmaceutical products, etc., as these product markets are subject to higher governmental regulations with respect to toxicology of the packaging materials and inks used on these materials. Series 533 has been developed to avoid transfer or migration of the ink through the plastic material and thereby avoiding the risk of migration of harmful substances. As a Swiss company, Printcolor is a leading manufacturer of environmentally and industrial friendly ink systems. Series 533 has been designed for screen printing on printing cartridges, plastic tubes, plastic bottles, cosmetic jars & lids, plastic buckets and closures and caps made of polyolefin materials (PP and PE). This leading edge UV screen printing ink series is based upon carefully selected and tested raw materials that show an advantage of being ultra-fast drying and immediate curing for further processing (i.e., filling of the containers downstream). A further benefit of Series 533 is the excellent adhesion experienced on substrates that have been corona or flame treated.

Series 533 is compliant with the "Guidance Notes on Packaging Inks" by Nestlé and as such is classified as labeling free. Therefore, Printcolor Series 533 is not subject to any special transportation or storage restrictions and naturally, Series 533 does not contain any volatile solvents or toxic heavy metals and are manufactured within accordance to EN71/3 and is equivalent to the Regulation of the Swiss EDI over commodities.


540 series special uv screen print ink is designed for screen-printing onto metal and glass panels (interior use). Series 540 exhibits a high chemical and mechanical resistance and is a great printing ink that provides high-gloss sheen. Series 540 UV-curing screen printing ink is formulated from highly resistant raw materials and works well for decorating industrial graphic panels.

Printcolor announces their new Universal ink series for plastics, Series 552 UVplast which is a high-gloss, UV cured screen printing ink for industrial and decorative printing on a wide variety of plastic substrates, coatings and paper stocks. The resulting high quality prints are flexible, offer good adhesion, chemical resistance and fade resistance making Series 552 UVplast well suited for medium-term outdoor use. Typical applications include cosmetic packaging (plastic bottles, jars, tubes, etc), label stock, signage and various plastic products. During development of the Series 552 UVplast the guidelines of REACH (especially SVHC) and the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) were met. Series 552 does not contain N-Vinyl Caprolactam (NVC / VCL) nor Bisphenol A (BPA). Series 552 is available in two versions; the standard version and a low viscosity version (LV) for fast printing speeds (such as when used in a rotary screen printing press or in an automatic UV screen printing bottle press). You will find the complete product information in the technical data sheet which is linked here. If you would like to test the Series 552 UVplast ink just give us a call and we can provide samples to you.

560 series uv screen print ink is a semi-gloss universal UV screen printing ink system that is well suited ultra-violet cured screen printing ink for nearly all varieties of plastic substrates and will even bond well to untreated polypropylene. Series 560 is free of chlorinated bonding agents and is also "dioxin free", making this UV ink system an eco-friendly product. 560 series ink provides you with a UV cured screen ink that is high stabile, chemical resistant and abrasion resistant.

565 Series - uv screen print ink for thermo-formed plastics

565 series uv screen print ink is a highly flexible UV cured screen-print ink system that is designed for printing on thermo-formed products (like bicycle helmets and health-care products) and this 565 series UV ink system also provides a universal adhesion spectrum, meaning it will bond to many plastic materials including polypropylene. Series 565 is flexible, highly reactive, and is based upon weather resistant raw materials and is therefore suitable for outdoor use. 565 can also be used on paper products (coated or uncoated).


420 series water based screen print ink is designed to be a trouble-free screen printing ink system and is well suited for paper products and various plastics. Series 420 water-based ink is sunlight fast and weather resistant and is therefore useful in outdoor applications. Series 420 gives a silky-gloss appearance when printed and it is based upon aqueous synthetic raw materials.

800 series inks and coatings is a range of high performance inks that are designed for roll-on application (paint roller), screen coating and spraying onto PVC banner materials and various types of leather goods (and synthetics). If you have a requirement for such specialty ink coatings please contact us to discuss your specific needs, and chances are Printcolor has already designed a special coating product that will meet your needs. Known applications include; flame retardant coatings, non-slip coatings, tactile feeling coatings, thick layer deposits and much more.