For over a quarter century RKS has been developing and manufacturing world-class squeegee grinding machines. Today they have well over three hundred grinding machines sold within the screen printing industry (and many others outside the screen print market), and they are the world leader in providing precise squeegee grinding machines built in Germany.

RKS aims to produce the finest squeegee grinding machines allowing for; efficient, fast, affordable, user-friendly, and reproducible ground squeegees for the screen printing marketplace. To our knowledge, RKS is the only manufacturer of squeegee grinding machines worldwide that process daily such a quantity & variety of screen printing squeegees that are shipped "ready to print".

RKS engineers and designers are constantly striving & researching for new and more effective ways to rework (aka grind) screen printing squeegees. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the field of "squeegee reworking" one thing is sure: RKS provides the most precise, most economical and the highest quality squeegee blades and grinding equipment.

Once you try an RKS blade, you will never go back to using a “regular” squeegee and the same is true for their squeegee grinding machines.

At this moment in time there is no more precise, more economical and qualitatively comparable alternative to squeegee blade grinding.

Truly Automatic Grinding

RKS is the only manufacturer of Squeegee Grinders that are outfitted with a laser positioning guide. Operation is simple; the operator inserts the squeegee blade and clamps it. Then you simply select a grinding program and then the grinding process is fully automatic. With this automatic operation, you are avoiding any possible operator errors, such as grinding off too large of an advance. The RKS Squeegee Grinder with laser positioning combines all proven and known advantages of the RKS Squeegee Grinders. Watch the video herein for more insight.



Touchscreen Control Panel RKS SM automatic - laser


A diamond-coated double grinding wheel with coarse and fine industrial - diamond coating


Double grinding wheel with coarse (P120) and fine (P320 or P400) sandpaper


Automatic adjustment with laser


  • Accurate machine structure of, standard beams, machined with parallel faces.

  • Tool support with linear guides proven in precision machine tools

  • Double grinding wheel with a coarse (P120) or fine (P320 or P400) grinding belt.

  • Simple change of grinding belts.

  • Advance per stroke: 0.1 mm, contrary to 1,00 mm or only 0.02 mm with other machines.

  • Uniform advance speed, adjustable as a standard.

  • All common squeegee types can be clamped and ground.

  • Special clamping bars and special lengths possible.

  • Angle grinding possible.

Machine types:

SM 1100 AL, SM 1600 AL, SM 2100 AL, SM 2600 AL (type identification = grinding length).

Special lengths / special versions on request.