What are the limitations of Pad Printing?

Limitations for pad printing are typically found when attempting to print very large images. Any image larger than 150mm diameter (5.9”) can be problematic and such sized images are perhaps better suited for screen printing or digital printing solutions. You can go beyond these size limitations if you utilize a transverse cup slide device to print longer images. But this is not always ideal, and you should consult with the experts at (714) 639-DECO to discuss your specific needs and project. Transverse cup slides are ideal for pad printing onto medical catheter tubing – which are often time printed with depth marks along the length of the tubing to help guide the surgeon to a particular depth in the body during surgery.

  • Complexity: Pad printing requires multiple steps and equipment, making it a more complex process than other printing methods.
  • Cost: Pad printing equipment and materials can be expensive, making it a more expensive option for small runs.