The microPrint MS-130 pad printing machine is perfectly suited as a stand-alone 1 (one) color pad printing press.

"MS" = Modular System and these modular pad printing machines can grow with optional features as your printing needs and demands grow. For example MS Series machines can be outfitted with:

  • Programmable automatic pad cleaning device
  • VISCOMATIC™ ink viscosity control system

The MS-130 can start out a 1 color low cost pad printer, but you can later make it a 2 color pad printer by simply adding a bigger plate holder, additional pad X/Y block and a 2 position shuttle device (move pad or part). The model MS-250 (see below) is built on the same laser cut precision frame, except the air cylinder (pad compression) is larger on the model MS-250 to allow for multi-color pad printing up to 4 colors (56 mm diameter ink cups).

The MS-130 is compact, fast and precision built and is ideally suited for pad printing on medical devices, automotive components, advertising specialty items & other injection molded parts.

Major Features include:

  • Programmable automatic pad cleaning device
  • Fast cliché changeover without tools
  • Pad print ink viscosity control software
  • Open loading area for easy part loading
  • Touch screen control with graphical icons
  • X/Y/R cliché holder and X/Y/R pad adjustment
  • Automation interface with RS-232 port

microPrint rewrote the book on pad printing technology with their many innovations, and today microPrint is the world leader in providing innovative solutions for the discerning pad printing customer.