curved squeegee

RokuPrint RP-2.2 is shown here with special curved squeegee and screen frame to print a large curved panel.

round tubes

The RP-2.2 is shown here tooled up for decorating round tubes that are driven with a rack and gear system to ensure high quality printing results.

shopping baskets

This RP-2.2 machine is shown with extended height for screen printing onto plastic shopping baskets.

plastic mugs

RokuPrint RP-2.2 is tooled here for decorating plastic mugs that are slightly tapered.

hockey sticks

This RP-2.2 screen printing press is setup to screen print onto hockey sticks.

cruved screen

This RP-2.2 is equipped with a special curved screen and special squeegee and flood bar system that is cam actuated and allows the squeegee to follow the curved profile of these dishwashing machine panels.