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700 Series

Pad Printing Inks

711 Series

711 Series of pad print ink is our most popular universal 1 or 2 component pad-printing ink that is both highly opaque and extremely chemical and abrasion resistant. Our head lab tech says, "711 works on 70% to 80% of all the products we test"… This universal 711 pad printing ink is well suited for pad-printing onto many items including; molded plastics, thermo-plastics and coated materials. This is an excellent pad transfer printing ink for interior automotive components and medical devices alike and it is certified for Class VI Medical use and it also meets several automotive industry certifications.

712 Series

712 Series of pad print ink is a specially formulated pad printing ink for bonding to untreated Polypropylene and 712 pad printing ink is opaque and provides a semi-matt finished look. This one (1) component pad print ink can be also used with the Printcolor HDI hardener (up to 10% by weight) to improve bonding strength on polypro. This 712 series of solvent based pad print ink is great for pad printing on Advertising Goods made of PP.

747 Series

747 Series of pad print ink is a new specially formulated UV cured pad printing ink that is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion resistance. Series 747 UV pad printing ink is very well suited for printing on a wide variety of plastics substrates and coated materials and this product also meets the European and US toy safety standards and we have certification for Class VI Medical grade use.

750 Series

750 Series of pad print ink is our most popular 2 component pad transfer printing ink for indoor-use and it’s highly opaque and is used to print on plastics such as; Polyolefin's (pre-treated PE and PP), Polyacetal (PA), Polycarbonate (PC), Duro-plastics, Glass, Ceramics, Metals and many coated / painted products. This 750 series pad transfer printing ink is also excellent for printing on Nylon 6/6 and on glassware & ceramic goods such as; tumblers, coffee mugs, wine glasses, souvenir shot glasses, etc. When printing on glass & metal objects you mix series 750 pad print ink with a special glass hardener called 700-GL (20:1).

752 Series

752 Series of pad print ink is a highly opaque 1 or 2-component pad transfer printing ink system that is based upon highly resistant (to chemicals and abrasion) raw materials. This universal pad printing ink system is used on a wide variety of different plastics, metals and coated products. It is also suitable for printing on Duro-plastics and wood items. This 752 series pad printing ink has been specified for pad-printing on interior and/or exterior automotive components, satellite dishes and meets many different auto manufacturers’ specifications and series 750 is also Class VI Medical grade approved.

784 Series

784 Series of pad print ink is a quick drying 2-component pad printing ink series that is highly resistant and is suitable for pad printing applications such as metal items, coated materials and a variety of plastics (also cosmetic containers which demand high chemical resistance against the contents ingredients). This series of pad print ink also displays excellent weather-durability and chemical resistance. This ink also meets the US Military Specification # A-A-208B.

786 Series

Printcolor introduces their newest pad printing ink series 786, which will very soon replace series 784. The new 786 series of ink is a 2-component pad printing ink made from the latest safe & technically advanced ingredients. Series 786 is highly glossy, extremely resistant and highly opaque ink system for printing on many technical components, such as; automotive parts, toys, childcare products (baby bottles and pacifiers), cosmetic packaging, poly bottle caps, plastic wine sleeves and much more. Series 786 is environmentally and user-friendly and 786 series pad printing ink provides the best possible protection for your staff and our environment. Printcolor pad printing ink series 786 complies with the strict requirements of EN 71-3:2013 (reference to safe printing standards on toys). Furthermore, all substances found in Series 786 are listed in the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles.

Protecting your people and environment

An important reason for the launch of Series 786 is to further safe-guard the users who come into contact with the inks. Here are some key bullet points:

  • A non-compliant, with the new GHS labeling requirements, raw material that was previously utilized in Series 784 has been removed from the new 786 series.
  • Series 786 is also free of PAH and printers as well as end-users will benefit from this new level of safe.
  • Series 786 is halogen free which can cause risks to the environment and people.

Series 786 is available in the MS (Mixing System) shades, four process colors CMYK as well as many special colors and special FX and all are free of PAH and halogens.

Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles
All substances in Series 786 are listed in the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles (SR 817.023.21).
Safe for pad printing on toys

These days, inks of low emission are an important requirement for use in all sectors of the printing industry. Stricter requirements, contained in the certification EN 71 3:2013 for printing on toys. Printcolor series 786 complies fully with all the required specifications of this world class toy standard.

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792 Series

792 Series of pad print ink is a high-gloss and flexible 2 component pad printer ink system for decorative and functional applications for printing on elastic and plasticized (PVC) materials, such as soft-touch coatings and various thermo-set plastics. This is a great pad printing ink for pad printing onto squeeze balls or stress balls.

Universal Thinner 700-017

Universal Thinner 700-017 is a pad print ink thinner that has been designed to use with all Printcolor 700 series pad printing inks. It has been formulated to work in both open inkwells and closed ink cup systems. Typically the pad print inks are reduced with 700-017 by 10 to 20% (by weight).

Universal Retarder 700-018

Universal Retarder 700-018 is effectively a "slow speed thinner", meaning that it evaporates slower than 700-017 above. This ink retarder has been developed to use with all Printcolor 700 series pad-printing inks. It works well when a slower drying ink is required and it can be blended with the 700-017 thinner above in any ratio to create a custom blend for your work environment. Typically the inks are reduced with this retarder (aka slow speed thinner) by a maximum of 10%.

Universal Accelerator 700-019

Universal Accelerator 700-019 is a "fast speed thinner", meaning that it evaporates faster than the standard 700-017 thinner. This 700-019 accelerator has been formulated to work with all Printcolor brand 700 series pad printing inks. This fast speed thinner (aka accelerator) works well for high-speed applications with closed cup inking systems and rotary pad printing machines. All four thinners 700-017, 018, 019, and 020 can be custom blended to create a special "house blend" for your application and environment. Typically these pad transfer inks are reduced with the 700-019 accelerator or fast speed thinner by 10 to 20%.

Universal Fast Accelerator 700-020

Universal Fast Accelerator 700-020 is a "Super-Fast speed thinner" and it evaporates even faster than the standard 700-017 thinner and faster than the 700-019 Accelerator. This 700-020 fast accelerator has been formulated to work with all Printcolor 700 series inks. This "super fast" speed thinner (accelerator) works well for top-speed production applications as found in motor driven or mechanical cam driven pad printing machines with closed ink cups and in-line high speed rotary pad transfer printing systems. All four thinners 700-017, 018, 019 and 020 can be blended in any ratio to create a custom "house blend" that is perfect for your specific production application. Typically the 700 series Printcolor brand pad printing inks are reduced with 700-020 accelerator by 10 to 15% (by weight).

Special Retarder 10-02637

Special Retarder 10-02637 is a very special retarder formulation that has a slow evaporation rate and it has been designed to use in areas with very high heat (ie: Arizona desert or non-temperature controlled factories). Because this product is so slow in it’s evaporating rate, we recommend only adding a maximum of 10% by weight. Also this special high heat environment retarder can be hot air dried on the silicone pads. An added benefit to this thinner (retarder) is that it has low chemical attack on the silicone pads.

"Adhesion Promoter" Thinner 10-0330

"Adhesion Promoter" Thinner 10-0330 is a special thinner that was designed to improve the adhesion to polystyrene (PS) materials and related plastics such as ABS and SAN. This special thinner has also been used to improve adhesion on PET, PET (A, E & G). The drying characteristics are similar to our universal pad printing ink thinner 700-017, and like all of our thinners/ additives listed above this special adhesion promoting thinner can be custom blended with any of the thinners mentioned herein. Typically the Printcolor pad printing inks are reduced with this thinner by 10 to 20%.

Hardener 700-HDA

Hardener 700-HDA is a highly reactive universal hardener that offers high chemical resistance and extremely good abrasion resistance. 700-HDA hardener has also been formulated for outdoor usage as this hardener will not cause the printing to yellow over time. Also the 700-HDA hardener gives a nice gloss finish to all of the 700 series inks. See specific ink series technical bulletins for specific mixing ratios and usage instructions.

Hardener 700-HDI

Hardener 700-HDI is a highly reactive universal hardener that offers high chemical resistance, extremely good abrasion resistance and fast cross-linking. 700-HDI hardener has been formulated for indoor usage only and it may yellow over time if exposed to heavy sunlight. This hardener works well with ink series: 750, 752 and in some cases with series 712. Please review the individual ink technical bulletins for specific mixing ratios.

Hardener 700-HDR

Hardener 700-HDR is a highly reactive hardener that combines the characteristics of both the 700-HDA & 700-HDI hardeners. This hardener is very innovative because it is a solvent-free product and 700-HDR hardener is well suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, and it delivers a high-gloss sheen when printed. This 700-HDR hardener works best with 752, 754, 784, and 792 and in some cases with 711. See the ink technical bulletin for specific mixing ratios.

Hardener 700-GL

Hardener 700-GL is a special hardener designed for use in decorating glass and ceramic items. This hardener is used primarily with our series 750 Printcolor brand pad print ink. This 700-GL hardener provides excellent adhesion and resistance on glass, ceramic and metal objects (including anodized aluminum) and printed parts that have been printed with 750 series ink and 700-GL hardener can be put through a dishwasher (life testing results may vary). 700-GL hardener is not suitable for outdoor usage. Please review the Series 750 and 700-GL technical bulletins for specific mixing ratios and usage instructions.

Adhesion Promoter 700-PP

Adhesion Promoter 700-PP is a special agent that has been designed to improve the adhesion to polypropylene (PP) materials where adhesion results are not satisfactory. 700-PP ink adhesion promoter can be added by 10 to 20% by weight to the inks final mixture. This adhesion promoter is often used on lower grade poly-pro materials that contain a higher amount of regrind.

Flow Agent 700-VMT

Flow Agent 700-VMT is highly concentrated silicon based additive that improves the flow and (sometimes) increases the gloss level of the ink. The 700-VMT flow agent must only be used very sparingly, only adding 0.3 to 0.5% (up to 1% maximum) by weight. This 700-VMT flow agent will help eliminate "pin-holes", bubbling and will smooth out any "orange-peel" effect that happens occasionally when printing. Over dosage can cause deterioration of adhesion characteristics.

Wetting Agent 700-BMT

Wetting Agent 700-BMT is a highly concentrated liquid additive that can be used to improve the wetting and bonding on contaminated substrates, such as found on extruded plastics, silicone mold releases and oxidation on glass and metal parts. This wetting agent is also used very sparingly - only adding 0.5 to 1% (max. 2%) by weight. As with all our additives, prior testing is recommended to determine suitability for your specific application before running full production.

Anti-static Agent 700-AMT

Anti-static Agent 700-AMT is a special anti-stat agent that is added to the ink when there are specific static energy problems. These are most often referred to as "spider-webs" or used when you experience poor and inconsistent ink transfer to the part. To alleviate this problem, 700-AMT is added to the ink mixture sparingly and by only adding 0.5 to 1% (max. 2%) by weight. It is important to remember to always clean your silicone pads with tape - not solvents! This practice will also cut down on static (that gets introduced into the pads) and ensure longer pad life.