UV and IR Drying Systems

UH-302RST 2 lamp UV conveyor drying system

At Deco Tech we provide the right UltraViolet curing systems for your specific screen printing applications. We offer UV curing solutions for both 3D and flat products. Pictured here above is a special two lamp UV conveyor system that is designed for UV curing screen printed inks on plastic, glass & metal containers. We also provide Ultra violet drying conveyor systems for flat graphic panels and for your special needs. We have our UV dryer systems engineered from a top manufacturer in South Korea and they are precision crafted to our exact specifications. We have the right solution to fit your budgetary needs.

Additionally we provide our customers with IR (infra red) and NIR (near infra red) drying conveyors for your most demanding industrial curing & drying applications. Call us toll free at (800) 300-DECO to request a quote on any UV or IR drying system.

LZ-UH-302RST control panel

Control panel provides control over; main power on/off, fan control manual/auto, 2 lamp zones on/off and conveyor belt speed control. Also on the control panel you have visual feedback of voltage and amp meter output as well as an hour meter for display of total lamp life.

LZ-UH-302RST conveyor running

Glass bottles are shown as they are fed through the UV conveyor tunnel. The infeed doors are adjustable to reduce the amount of light leaking from the opening. When operating UV equipment it is important to follow all safety rules and wear UV safety glasses.

LZ-UVC-F404-ALD 4 lamp UV conveyor drying system LZ-UVC-F404-ALD

Pictured above is our DECO TECH four lamp UV curing conveyor system that is designed for UV curing of screen printed inks on plastic and glass bottles & jars. These well crafted Ultra Violet drying units are precision crafted to our specifications in South Korea and are CE approved.

LZ-U704SD with open infeed doors

Shown is the infeed side of the conveyor with adjustable doors to reduce the chance of light leaking into the working environment. This large unit can handle bottles up to 1 gallon jugs. Larger units are also available for bigger containers.

LZ-U704SD with lamp doors open show

Inside view of the four UV lamps that are fully adjustable (up, down and angled). On the inside of the doors there are additional mirrored reflectors to help better cure 3-D products.