Pad Printing Videos

Videos on our Deco Tech & microPrint brand pad printing machines.


The Swiss Precision built microPrint ML-350 and ML-500 motor driven pad printing machines can pad print on parts in multiple axis’s, and all job parameters can be stored in the machine and quickly recalled, making set-up and changeover times extremely fast. These CNC workstation pad printing machines can be equipped with a wide range of standard and custom automation devices, and they are linear motor driven in X/Y axis’s and they can be also outfitted with Servo motor for the Z axis (ML-350E and ML-500E). These two Swiss built microPrint pad printing machines are widely used in the injection molding industry where they are loaded automatically from the molding machine robot, and they are widely used to pad print on medical devices, automotive interior components, appliance panels, power tool housings and much more. To find out more please call the experts at (714) 639-DECO.


The SMART-150 and SMART-250 pad printing machines are the perfect pad print machines for quality printing results at a smart price. These SMART series pad printing machines can be equipped with or without automatic tape pad cleaning device. All SMART series pad printers are built with world-class CE and ISO certified components for long trouble-free run life. With laser welded steel frame construction, these SMART series pad printing machines are a true workhorse that will hold tight color-to-color registration for many decades to come.

microPrint Pad Printing machine models MSS-130 and MSS-350

Swiss precision built microPrint Pad Printing machine models MSS-130 and MSS-350 with 90 degree pad rotation to pad print parts on the horizontal plane. These two pad printing machines (single color and multi-color) are often utilized in automated pad printing systems where it is necessary to rotate the pad(s) upward to print on the horizontal plane. To find out more please contact the experts at +1 (714) 639-DECO.

microPrint LCN-131 Pad Printing Automation for Caps.

Swiss precision built microPrint Pad Printing Automation (model LCN-131 x 2 units) for decorating plastic caps. Machine is equiped with bowl feeding, corona treating, dual rotary tables, and automatic NIR drying conveyor. This pad printing automation also features an automatic boxing conveyor with a counting device to move the next box into place when the previous boxes are full.

DECO TECH Modul-220 5 Color prgrammable, linear motor controlled modular hard hat pad printer from microPrint.

Demonstration of our DECO TECH Modul-220 5 Color prgrammable, linear motor controlled modular hard hat pad printer from microPrint.

DECO TECH DT-200-6C-OT 4-6 color pad-printing machine.

Demonstration of our DECO TECH model DT-200-6C-OT 4-6 Color pad-printing machine for decorating up to 6 colors.

microPrint 5 STAR programmable 1 to 5 color pad transfer printer

This video shows the microPrint 5 STAR servo-driven indexed rotary pad-printing machine in action and the 5 STAR is perfect for today's progressive injection molding houses or custom decorators, as it can quickly be set-up to run as a single color pad printer or a 5 color tight registration pad-printing job. This highly versatile pad printing machine is used for printing both large and small parts and can be outfitted with a variety of automation devices including X/Y part movement controls using servo motors and ball screws for precision alignment.

microPrint LCN-151 - Automated beer cap pad printing system

An LCN-151 pad printer has been fully integrated into an automated rotary table system complete with bowl feeding system and these plastic beer caps are printed 6 at a time. This automation also includes automatic loading, corona pre-treatment, 6 up pad printing and automatic eject system into a bulk storage container. The nesting fixtures are cam activated (opened and closed) for secure part holding during the printing operation and are opened for easy unloading.

MS-130 & MS-250 pad printers - Basic demo video

This video demonstrates the two smallest pad printers in the microPrint MS series and it shows both open inkwell and closed cup configurations. The MS-250 is shown decorating a Toyota interior bezel with special (programmed and sensor controlled) ability to detect two different part styles and either print 1 or 2 graphics as the two different but similar parts dictate.

microPrint LCN-132 3 color pad print system - Small electronic parts

The LCN-132 is outfitted with 3 x 56mm ink cups and this pad transfer printing system is automated with a 2 position rotary table and these micro sized electronic parts are printed in three locations around the circumference. Parts are automatically ejected into a bulk container and the inks dry rapidly.

microPrint MS-250 automated pad printer with rotary table, round printing device and corona pre-treating

This microPrint built pad printing system is shown printing 360° onto round medical parts with high opaque white pad print ink. The parts are manually loaded (light curtain activated) and then they are corona treated with a SICATECH LF-1 unit. The MS-250 pad printer has been set-up with a servo driven rotary pad attachment and the parts are also rotated with servo motor for perfect repeatability.

microPrint MS-250 with round printing attachment - Single color

This video shows the MS-250 pad printing machine applying numbers around a BRAUN coffee pot control knobs outer circumference. microPrint developed this special printing attachment and it can be mounted on many different microPrint machine models. The rotary pad attachment is servo-driven and can be infinitely adjusted.

microPrint MS-250 pad printer with 4 color linear motor pad shift device printing on letter opener

This short video clip shows the microPrint MS-320 equipped with linear motor controlled pad shift device in action. This pad print press is equipped with a single cliché with the 4 color artworks being pre-registered in the pre-press department using Adobe Photoshop to align the 4 separate colors.

microPrint ML-350 linear motor driven pad printing system for multi-color syringe barrel printing

This movie shows the ML-350 (formerly known as MS-350L) linear motor driven pad printer decorating multi-colors on polycarbonate syringe barrels with a servo driven linear part shuttle with servo driven part rotation device. The machine is also equipped with pneumatically actuated pad lifters to allow for part clearance during the printing operation. Both X/Y positions for ink pick up and printing are fully programmable from the touch-screen.

microPrint Selecta Print digital pad printing system for personalization

This special pad printing machine has been designed to print variable data using a PC to program and control the two linear motors. What is typed into the laptops data fields (up to 3 lines of text) such as; names, part numbers is then automatically printed onto the parts in a programmable location. This machine has been sold for several industrial applications including dental teeth color swatch panels, personalization of pens and printing onto various aerospace/ electronic components for printing variable part numbers and special logos and characters.

microPrint MS-500 - 5 color golf ball pad printing with servo indexed race track indexer

The MS-500 pad printing machine is outfitted with 14 station servo driven carousel part indexer and it also features automatic tape pad cleaning device and ball push-down device to seat the balls into the nesting fixtures securely. It also features a pneumatic push-up "finger" to lift the balls out of the nests after printing. This pad transfer printing system features individual cliché holders with X/Y & R adjustment on each cliché.

microPrint MS-500 - 4-Color mint tin Printing Video

The MS-500 pad printing machine shown with servo driven part shuttle and automatic tape pad cleaning device. The MS-500 can be equipped with either sealed ink cups or open/ covered inkwell systems and this customer selected the open inkwell configuration for super fast printing plate changeovers. These mint tins are very popular ASI items and corporate logos are easily printed on the candy tin lids.

microPrint MS-500 with 5 color round printing device for pad printing lip balm tubes

This machine video shows the MS-500 pad transfer machine equipped with five special rotary pad attachments that allow for 1 to 5 color programmable pad printing onto lip balm tubes. The lip balm cylinders are manually loaded onto the mandrel and the pads are servo indexed along with the part rotation also being servo indexed for precision printing. The five pads are mounted to a linear motor shuttle system and the rigid tubes are air-ejected after printing.

microPrint MS-500 pad print machine decorating 4 colors on BMW paper cubes

This pad print system is decorating on 4 sides of paper blocks or cubes using a 2 position rotary table with automatic turning device (4 times). The four silicone pads are outfitted on linear motor shift device to move the pads for printing the 4 colors in tight registration. The paper cube clamping system is also outfitted with an auto centering device to ensure that the cubes are all printed in the same location and automatic pad cleaning ensures high quality printing results every cycle.

microPrint Modul Series - programmable CNC pad printing on paper cubes

This automation has been designed to pad print paper cubes and it shows the multi sided handling system turning the paper cubes automatically and the system can detect when all four sides have been pad printed and then it moves them to the loading and unloading bay where the operator will load the pallets with fresh unprinted paper blocks. All printing plate parameters are easily programmed as the Modul machines are outfitted with three axis (X/Y/Theta) linear motor controls and you can align artworks without making any mechanical adjustments.

microPrint Modul Series pad printer with multi-axis automation for glue gun housing print

This video shows the multi-axis programmable (CNC controlled) Modul series pad printing machines designed for decorating various models of a European glue gun housing. The machinery has been programmed to print several different models of these parts without having to change the clichés and all printing positions are memorized in the machine and are quickly recalled for super fast set-ups.

microPrint Modul Series - programmable 3 color household iron printing automation

This unique pad printing system has been designed for decorating BRAUN iron housings in multiple locations. The Modul series of pad printing machines are linear motor controlled and they can be CNC programmed to print complex shaped parts in virtually any axis. The video shows pre-treatment of the parts with gas plasma and shows the iron housing being fully rotated and articulated to print several graphics in many locations.

microPrint ML-350 multi-axis programmable pad printing workstation

The microPrint ML-350 is shown herein decorating 3-dimensional parts with the robotic part turning device that is fully programmable from the touch screen. Dual axis linear motor controls allow the ML-350 to plot and print graphics in various programmable locations and jobs can be stored in the on board PLC controls.