Pad Printing Inks Pad Printing Inks Printcolor of Switzerland is an ISO 9001 pad printing ink manufacturer and we are the master North American distributor of their pad transfer print and screen print ink solutions. Printcolor inks are widely praised by our customers as being superior quality inks with ease of printing, super high-opacity and glossy (or matt) appearance. Printcolor brand inks are certified for many electronic and automotive applications including both interior and exterior automotive components and furthermore they offer pad transfer inks that are Class VI medical grade approved for pad or screen printing on implantable medical devices.

Silicone Pads Silicode Pads We manufacture a range of silicone pad printing pads in hundreds of shapes, sizes and durometers. We manufacture silicone print pads in two unique silicone rubber formulations including our economically priced DURA LITE™ pad printing pads which require little or no break-in period and our high-end long-lasting DURA PRO™ pad print pads that are formulated for superior long-life and they provide very high quality printing results. We also custom make pad molds for your specific printing needs.

Printing Plates Pad Printing Plates We manufacture both steel and polymer printing plates or "clichés" for pad printing. We cut to size water-wash and alcohol-wash photo polymer pad printing cliché plates and package them in convenient 10 packs. We can also output film, create artwork and etch pad print plates for you. Additionally we photo-chemically etch both thin (0.5mm) and thick (10mm) steel pad print plates in a variety of popular sizes that fit many brands of pad print machinery. Fast turn around and high quality is our specialty.

Cleaning Chemicals & Supplies Cleaning Chemicals Here at Deco Tech we provide a full range of pad printing & screen printing cleaning chemicals and cleaning supplies which are used in clean-up of ink cups and screen frames alike. Our Neo-Solv 114 universal ink/ press cleaner was developed for the American marketplace (especially for California to meet their SCAQMD rule for providing cleaning products that provide lower VOC levels) and has been a huge success. Check out our full range of ink clean-up supplies in this section.

Ink Cups & Rings Replacement Ink Cups, Rings We provide both hard steel and ceramic ink rings that can be outfitted onto many brands of pad printing machinery. We offer ink cup rings ranging in size from 40mm to 180mm. Check our ink cup size chart to see if we have the right ink cup rings for your pad print machine. We can also provide unique retro-fit kits to convert many different brands of pad transfer machines to use our innovative microPrint cup holding system with magnetic hold-down of the ink cup.

Pad Cleaning Tape Pad Cleaning Tape Our microPrint line of pad printing machines all feature built-in automatic pad cleaning modules and we provide several different sized rolls of tapes for various applications. Click here in this section to find all the sizes we carry and we can also provide other custom sizes (widths) upon request.

Screen Printing Inks Printcolor Inks We are the North American distributor for Printcolor Screen Ltd. of Switzerland and they are an industry leading screen printing ink supplier (ISO 9001 certified) and they manufacture a full spectrum of both standard and specialized screen printing inks & unique coatings for a wide variety of decorative and industrial graphic applications. Here in the USA we primarily promote and sell their 500 series of UV curable screen printing inks, yet we also provide some of their unique niche' ink/ coating products to clients with special screen printing applications. Click here to go to our standard screen printing inks and related technical information.

Specialty Screen Inks Specialty Inks We can provide you with specialty screen print ink and specialty screen printed coatings such as; UV gloss and matt varnishes, tactile feel or textured varnishes (non-slip surfaces), luminescent or Day-Glo inks, neon colored inks, scratch-off inks, metallic inks, pearlescent gloss inks, glitter effect inks, color changing or tilt effect inks (aka chameleon inks), mirror finish inks, magnetic inks, writable surface inks and thermo-chromatic (or thermal chrome) inks. Click here to go to the overview that details the unique specialty screenprint inks and screen printable coatings.

Polyurethane Squeegees Polyurethane Squeegees Deco Tech proudly distributes Pleiger brand screen print squeegees which are superior high-quality American made polyurethane PU squeegees. Pleiger squeegees are used in a wide variety of decorative and industrial screen printing applications and we offer an assortment of their squeegee profiles and shapes. Pleiger brand squeegees are formulated to provide high solvent resistance and excellent abrasion resistance and can handle "aggressive" inks with minimal swelling.

RKS Squeegees RKS Squeegees Deco Tech distributes the world-class RKS brand of German made squeegee blades which are famous because of their unique fiberglass backed polyurethane molded blade system. The RKS squeegee blades are the "industry standard" in high-end graphics and electronics (PCB, LCD and PDP) screen printing operations and they are also well known for running on rotary screen printing applications.

Welded Aluminum Frames Welded Aluminum Frames We fabricate custom extruded and welded aluminum screen frames for industrial screenprint applications. If you need custom screen frames to print on molded parts, plastic bottles, golf shafts, glass bottles, ceramic mugs (screen frames with knock-out opening for the handles), or metal panels for computer peripherals, or industrial nameplates… Deco Tech has the right frames for you! We fabricate custom screens and aluminum frames right here in Orange County and we have fast turn-around. Our aluminum frames are precision welded using thick-walled aluminum profiles and they're precision ground on the welded seams (glue side only) and then sand-blasted on the glue side for superior screen frame glue adhesion.

Roller Chase Frames We sell the RcX Diamond Chase brand of roller chase screen frames and these retensionable screen frames feature all metal construction with stronger and more reliable components. The RcX roller frames come in three different models; RcX 1.4, RcX 1.6 and RcX 2.0 and they are differentiated by their roller diameter, frame sizes and tensioning requirements. Take a look inside this section for the full story on these Diamond Chase high quality tensionable screen frames.

Tapes For Frames We provide masking tapes for masking your screen frames to keep ink out of the corners which obviously makes clean up faster and more economical. Check us out to see all the sizes and widths we carry in-stock and we can also provide other custom sizes (widths) upon special request.