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Low Cost DURA LITE pads

Various DURA LITE padsWe are pleased to announce our new line of DURA LITE economical & low cost (and high quality) silicone transfer pads for use on all brands of pad printing machinery. These new low cost DURA LITE silicone pads are meant to compliment our already popular DURA PRO silicone pads which we first developed in 1997.

Our new DURA LITE pads are being widely introduced to the pad printing marketplace and already these DURA LITE pads have been met with considerable praise and accolades from our many beta test clients. We have been testing and developing this new silicone formulation for the past several months. These DURA LITE silicone pads are considered our "good quality" silicone rubber pads, whereas our DURA PRO series pads are considered our "best quality" silicone rubber printing pads.

One great point about these DURA LITE pads is the fact that they require little or no break-in period. Typically you can run just a few cycles and these DURA LITE pads are ready for production. Many competitive pads require a long break-in cycle (using heavy solvents or thinner or tape) before the printing quality becomes consistent. These DURA LITE pads are especially formulated for immediate start-up pad printing production and they produce high-quality prints right out of the package!

We've developed the DURA LITE pads to better compete with those competitors who are offering low quality (read cheaper grade) silicone printing pads vs. our superior and more durable (hence more expensive) DURA PRO pads. We now can offer our clients two pad products at different price points to meet their precise needs.

In spite of their lower costs, these DURA LITE pads are not to be taken lightly as our customers have yielded excellent print quality results coupled with long pad life and no break-in time required.

The DURA LITE pads are made from WHITE silicone rubber while the DURA PRO pads are crafted from RED silicone, and the DURA LITE pads are available in hardness's from 65 to 40 durometer (00 scale).

Please contact our customer service department for more details at: (800) 300-DEC0