microPrint Swiss Precision Pad Printing Machines microPrint SMART-130microPrint of Switzerland provides precision pad print machinery/ technology that features several key QC controls that enhance your experience in day to day usage. All microPrint pad printing equipment is available with optional automatic tape pad cleaning devices and VISCOMATIC™ ink viscosity controls which aid in keeping you printing perfectly throughout your production run. microPrint offers pad print solutions in both closed ink cups (from 40mm to 180mm diameters) and covered open inkwells for unique pad print applications.  Deco Tech provides sales & service for the full range of microPrint pad-printing machinery and Deco Tech is the exclusive North American distributor for microPrint since 1997.  microPrint’s MODUL Series of pad printing machines feature high-tech linear motor driven controls which are both faster and more accurate than a servo motor driven pad printer and linear motors operate without friction.  In additional to standard pad printing presses microPrint also builds high quality pad printing automation/ machinery.

DECO TECH Brand Pad Printing Machines DECO TECH DT-125-2C Our Deco Tech line of top quality, high performance, low cost pad printing machines that are built to our precise specifications in Asia. The DT Line of pad printing equipment are all outfitted with FESTO or SMC pneumatics and are equipped with either a proprietary control board or PLC controller on many of the multi-color pad printers. All of the pad print machinery controls (membrane switch or touch screen interface) are presented in an icon symbol based format making the DT line of pad-printing machinery simple & easy to operate. Furthermore the graphical nature of the interface make the units language barrier-free. Our DT line of pad print equipment is well suited for both small and large companies that budget-minded. Please contact us to inquire about our DT line of pad printing machines and accessories.

Automated Pad Printing Systems MODUL Automated Systems Deco Tech provides you with a turn-key solution for your automated pad printing machinery needs. Our automated pad transfer printing solution come with features such as; rotary indexing tables (servo or mechanical), multi-axis Robot part moving devices, servo driven oval track indexer (carousel indexer), dock and lock pallet transport systems, tank track style indexers and much more. Deco Tech and microPrint work in concert to design and fabricate a world-class automated pad printing system that will meet your specific needs and budget. Our automated pad print equipment can also be outfitted with; robotic handling devices (auto load and auto eject), centrifugal & vibratory bowl feeders, assembly stations, drilling & welding operations, pre-treatment (flame or corona) and visual camera inspection systems. Furthermore we can integrate IR (infrared), Convection and UV curing equipment into your pad print automation. Call us to arrange a free (no obligations) "decorating method consultation" and we will help you find the best printing method for your precise needs.

Pad Printing Drying Conveyors Mini UV Conveyor Deco Tech provides turn-key pad printing solutions including stand alone drying conveyors in either IR hot air drying units or UV curing conveyors. We offer both small and large sized drying conveyors and our professional sales team can assist you in finding the right drying conveyor unit for your needs.

Fixtures & Tooling for Pad Printing Oakley Fixture At Deco Tech we manufacture high quality part holding or "nesting fixtures" for your pad printing jobs. From our machine shop we can craft you a part fixture that will hold your various products securely and precisely. We provide fast turn-around and we specialize in building both one-off part holding fixtures and/ or multiple CNC machined tooling fixtures for your pad printing automation

Printcolor Standard Pad Printing Inks Printcolor Inks Printcolor of Switzerland is an ISO 9001 pad printing ink supplier that provides their 700 series of pad printing inks which are super high quality products that provide high-opacity, glossy (or matt finish upon request) inks that exhibit superior printing results. Printcolor inks are certified for many electronic and automotive applications including both interior and exterior components and furthermore they offer Class VI medical grade pad transfer inks that are approved for printing on implantable medical devices. Deco Tech is the master North American distributor for Printcolor Screen Ltd.

Cleaning Chemicals & Supplies for Pad Printing NEO-SOLV Cleaning Chemical Deco Tech provides a full range of cleaning chemicals and cleaning supplies that are used with the traditional cleaning equipment. Our low VOC Neo-Solv 114 universal pad printing and screen printing ink cleaner was developed for the California market to meet the SCAQMD's rules for providing cleaning products that provide lower VOC levels.

Pad Print Cleaning Tape Pad Cleaning Tape Our microPrint line of pad printing machines all feature built-in automatic pad cleaning modules and we provide several different sized rolls of tapes for various applications. Click here in this section to find all the sizes we carry and we can also provide other custom sizes (widths) upon request.

ecoCLEANER - Pad Printing Parts Cleaner ecoCLEANER cleaning system Osmeco has developed a new pad printing ink cup cleaning system that doesn't require the use of flammable cleaning agents and this innovative ecoCLEANER can separate the inks components from the water based cleaning agent and these dried ink components (that were broken down at the sub-particle level) can be safely disposed of as a dried powder. This Osmeco technology has revolutionized the way industrial pad printing companies clean their ink cups and cliché holders. No unpleasant odors and very little waste as the cleaning agent can be reused again and again.The ecoCLEANER system works well with both 1 and 2 component pad printing inks.

747 UV Cured Pad Printing Ink Printcolor UV Inks Deco Tech proudly distributes the ISO Certified and Class VI medical grade approved Printcolor series 747, which is a unique UV pad printing ink that can be pad printed wet on wet, with no need to UV cure in between each color printed! Just do a final cure at the end and you get excellent opacity, quality print results and great adhesion. And just like in UV cured screen printing technology, you can now UV pad print with 747 series and get adhesion results on-par with a traditional two-part epoxy based ink. Printcolor Series 747 is a highly resistant UV padprint ink that is extremely well suited for cosmetic packaging, medical devices, large & small household appliance housings and interior or exterior automotive applications. Furthermore Series 747 has found a niche for printing on ASI (Advertising Specialty Industry) items that require high scratch & chemical resistance on items like; key chains, watch faces & bands, ice scrapers, carpenter pencils, logo marked pens, bottle openers and more. In addition to selling the 747 Series ink we also provide UV curing systems to go along with this amazing ink. Call our customer service department to discuss your application & arrange free ink testing on your items.

Class VI Medical Grade Pad Printing Inks CLASS VI Medical Inks Printcolor has received medical grade Class VI certification for three of their pad printing inks series, namely; 711, 752 and 747 UV pad printing inks. Deco Tech can provide our medical customers with a full detailed cyto-toxicity report on these three pad printing ink series' (certification was done for black and white ink colors only in these three ink formulations, however other colors have passed these tests as well).

Silicone Pad Printing Pads Pads Deco Tech manufactures high quality silicone transfer pads for pad printing applications in hundreds of shapes, hardness' & durometers. Check out our on-line pad catalog of silicone print pads. We manufacture our silicone printing pads in two silicone rubber formulations including our economically priced DURA LITE™ pad printing pads which require little or no break-in period and our high performance DURA PRO™ series pad print pads that are formulated for long pad life and provide high quality printing results.

Pad Printing Exposure Units XPOSE Exposure Unit The X-POSÉ cliché etching equipment from Deco Tech is designed to expose both large and small sized pad printing clichés (aka pad print plates) with ease and precision. Our X-POSÉ units feature an easy to use control panel with digital timer control and have a powerful vacuum to ensure quality plate making results for your in-house pad printing operation. These X-POSÉ UV exposure units are available in three base models and specifications for all of these exposure units can be found herein.

Pad Printing Plates / Clichés Clichés Deco Tech provides a full range of (cut to size) water wash & alcohol wash photo polymer pad printing clichés as well as providing the etching service to chem-etch both thin (0.5mm) and thick (10mm) steel pad print clichés in a variety of sizes to fit most popular brands of pad print machinery. Call our customer service department to check on prices and delivery time. Typically we ship clichés to our customers within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of order.

Replacement Ink Cups for Pad Printing Replacement Ink Cups At Deco Tech we offer a full range of both hard steel and ceramic ink rings that can fit on a variety of different brand pad printing machines. We offer ink cup rings ranging in size from 40mm to 180mm. Check our ink cup size chart to see if we have the right sized ink cup replacement ring for your brand of pad print machine. We can also provide retro-fit kits to convert many different brands of pad transfer machines to use our innovative microPrint cup holding system (magnetic cups).