X-POSE™ Cliché Etching Equipment

X-2840 cliché etching unit with lid closed.

X-2840 cliché etching unit with lid open.

The DECO TECH X-POSÉ™ UV pad printing vacuum exposure units are designed specifically for photo-etching/ exposing the photopolymer pad printing plates or "pad printing clichés" as they are often called. Our X-POSÉ™ exposure units feature an attractive low profile powder coated steel enclosure and are outfitted with easy to use controls that feature; precision digital timer (programmable from 0 to 599 seconds), power switch, vacuum on/off switch and vacuum pressure release valve.

There are three standard sized units available and we stock the two smaller model X-1840 and X-2840 here at our headquarters and the largest exposure unit, model X-3882 (which can expose a pad printing plate up to 380 x 820mm or 14.96" x 32.28") is special order. On all of our X-POSÉ™ exposure units the UV lamps are located inside the top cover for fast and easy pad printing cliché processing/ exposures and the lid smoothly raises and lowers with "no-slam" gas struts and a top that will lock into the upright position. Additionally as a safety feature our X-POSÉ™ exposure systems feature a safety switch to bypass the UV lights if the cover is inadvertently lifted during operation.

Operation of the X-POSÉ™ exposure unit is straightforward... simply place the cliché and film inside the blanket cover, close the lid and turn on the vacuum pump, set the timer value (in seconds), and press the start button. The integrated vacuum pump first removes the air from the blanket/ chamber to ensure perfect contact between the film positive and the pad print cliché plate. After proper vacuum level has been reached the UV exposure cycle automatically begins and shuts itself off when the timer cycle ends.

Our three standard X-POSÉ™ cliché exposure units are detailed below in the specifications chart. If you want to produce high quality pad printing polymer clichés then our X-POSÉ™ pad printing exposure systems are the best investment to ensure quality and fine detailed printing results. To find out more or to request a demonstration of the X-POSÉ™ pad printing plate exposure equipment, please call us toll free at 800-300-DECO.

X-POSE Specs
Table Dimensions: 180 x 400mm (7" x 15.75") 280 x 400mm (11" x 15.75") 380mm x 820mm (14.96“ x 32.28")
Total UV power: 60 Watts 120 Watts 380 Watts
Unit Dimensions (LxWxH): 595 x 265 x 180mm (23.4" x 10.4" x 7") 580 x 510 x 210mm (22.8" x 20" x 8.3") 740 x 610 x 210mm (29.1" x 24" x 8.3")
Weight: 12 kg (26.4 lbs) 20 kg (44 lbs) 38 kg (84 lbs)
Power: 120V 50/60Hz 120V 50/60Hz 120V 50/60Hz
Timer: Digital Digital Digital
Max cliché size: 180 x 400mm (7" x 15.75") 280 x 400mm (11" x 15.75") 380mm x 820mm (14.96“ x 32.28")
Lamp type: 3 x High Powered UV fluorescent tubes 6 x High Powered UV fluorescent tubes 19 x High Powered UV fluorescent tubes