Table-top screen printing machines Roku Prink SD-05 Deco Tech sells and services the full line of RokuPrint's screen-print equipment for small format flat product and flat bed sheet printing with vacuum tables. RokuPrint screen presses are well suited for round object printing like; pens, pencils, pencil holders, ceramic mugs, stainless steel coffee cups, ski poles, golf shafts and much more. RokuPrint screen presses are precision crafted in Germany.

Semi-Automatic screen printing machines for bottles & tubes dt-767Here at DECO TECH we provide semi-automatic solutions for screen printing on containers of all types and sizes.  Our DECO TECH semi-automatic screen printing machines in the R SERIES are used for screen printing onto round, square, flat or oval bottles. Both plastic and glass containers of all types can be screen printed with our equipment. Products such as; poly bottles, single & double wall jars, wine bottles, beer bottles, reusable water bottles (powder coated and SS), PE bike water bottles, PE thermos jugs, ceramic coffee mugs, wine glasses and much more are all well suited for direct screen printing. Our DECO TECH R SERIES of container & bottle screen printing machines are also used to screen print on cosmetic packaging, scientific lab glassware & industrial containers. All of our machinery is built to the US safety standards and they are top quality industrial grade screen printing machines.  We also provide semi-automatic screen printing equipment for wine bottles such as: 750ml, Magnum (1.5L), Double Magnum (3.0L), Jeroboam (5.0L) and even Nebuchadnezzar (15.0 L) sizes. We also provide customers with screen printing solutions for jumbo size containers with our DT-350R, which can print on 1 to 5 gallon buckets. Big or small objects, our DECO TECH R SERIES machines can screen print on them all. Call us to discuss your container or round object printing project.  We also offer UV curing equipment for curing 360° on containers.

Automatic UV screen printing machines for bottles & tubes dt-767DECO TECH provides fully automatic UV screen printing machinery for high-speed screen printing onto round, square & oval blow molded bottles. Plastic and glass containers of all types can be screen printed with our automatic DT-767 SERIES line of 1 to 6 color automatic UV screen printing equipment. Our DT-767 Series of automatic UV bottle screen printing systems are built to our exacting standards, and they are heavy-duty mechanical/ industrial grade screen printing machines, modeled after fine European screen printing machines. The DT-767 SERIES can handle a wide range of products such as; poly bottles, single & double wall jars, olive oil bottles, beer bottles, reusable water bottles, PE bike water bottles and small glass bottles (such as essential oil bottles).

For automatic UV tube printing we have two machines available with a 1 color DT-175 tube screen printing machine or we offer automatic UV rotary table systems that screen print up to 4 colors on our DT-418UVTSERIES.  These DT-418UVT automatic systems can also be utilized to screen print on rigid caulking type tubes, metallic tubes, paper tubes, scientific lab glassware & other round tubes.

Printcolor UV screen printing inks Printcolor Inks Deco Tech is the master N. American distributor for Printcolor Screen Ltd. of Switzerland. Printcolor Screen Ltd. is an ISO 9001 screen print ink supplier that provides a full range of standard and specialized screen printing inks & coating for a variety of applications. We also provide Printcolor brand inks that are certified for medical, electronic and automotive applications (interior and exterior components).

Printcolor special effect screen printing inks Cards with Specialty Ink We provide our clients with special effects screen printing inks and specialty screen print coatings such as; UV gloss and matt varnishes, tactile feel or textured varnishes (non-slip surface inks), luminescent or "glow in the dark" inks, Day Glow or neon colored inks, scratch-off inks, metallic and pearlescent gloss inks, glitter effects inks, color changing or tilt effect inks (aka chameleon, interference or photochormatic inks), mirror finish inks, magnetic inks, writable surface inks and thermochromatic (thermo-chrome) inks.

UV curing / drying conveyors UV, IR Conveyor Dryers We provide our screen printing clients with UV drying equipment and UV drying conveyors for a wide variety of products and we can provide systems for both large and small items. In addition to UV cure equipment we also provide IR (Infra Red) drying conveyors in both standard system configurations and custom built drying systems for your specific drying conveyor needs. At Deco Tech we got all your UV and IR curing equipment needs covered. Give us a call today!

RKS specialty squeegees RKS Mascot Deco Tech distributes the high quality RKS brand of German made squeegee blades that are fiberglass backed polyurethane blades that deliver superior printing results. The RKS blades are the industry standard in high-end screen printing shops that are screen printing on; electronics (PCB, LCD and PDP), solar panels, glass beverage bottles, plastic bottles, Lexan overlays and rotary screen printing applications. Check out our full range of RKS brand squeegees and call us to request a sample RKS blade for your precision application. RKS squeegees may be expensive squeegee blades, but they out perform all other squeegee types. Once you try an RKS squeegee, you'll never go back to your old squeegees!

Flatbed Screen Printing Presses NEWMA 6100 Deco Tech provides flat bed screen printing machines or flat bed presses in small, medium, large and jumbo format configurations for screen printing onto flat plastic sheets, flat glass panels, electronic graphic panels, membrane switches, Plasma TV display panels (PDP), LCD panels, PC boards and much more.

Automated Screen Printing Machinery RokuPrint Rotary System We also provided special or custom built screen printing machinery for a variety of applications, including special screen coating machinery for applying long-life coating onto automotive piston heads. We also provide screen print machinery for screen printing on LCD's (liquid crystal displays) and PDP's (plasma display panels) and these automated systems are outfitted with NIR (Near Infrared) conveyor drying systems. We can provide you with a custom screen printer for many different applications. Feel free to call us to discuss your specific screen print equipment needs.

Pre-Press Equipment for in-house screen making PolyGraph Dryer We can provide you with screen making pre-press equipment for your yellow room screen making department. We've got everything you need including; screen exposure units, screen frame dryers, stretching tables, drying cabinets, screen washout booths, QC inspection tools such as tension meters and moisture meters, and so much more. We can also provide you with a CAD drawing layout of a complete screen making room and we can also provide training to your staff.

Pleiger brand polyurethane squeegees Polyurethane Squeegee Deco Tech distributes the Pleiger brand of squeegees which are superior high-quality American made polyurethane squeegees that are used in a wide variety of decorative and industrial screen printing applications. We offer a full assortment of their squeegee profiles/ shapes and our Pleiger brand squeegees are custom formulated to provide high solvent resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. This combination results in a squeegee blade that will better maintain its hardness (durometer) when subjected to aggressive inks and solvents, show minimal swelling during the print run, and retain its sharp edge longer allowing for continued quality during the print run and increasing productivity. It is an industry fact that UV inks, Epoxy based or Enamel inks, Vinyl inks and other solvent based ink systems are extremely aggressive to squeegee blades and inferior quality squeegees tend to; decrease in durometer, swell, and quickly become dull and produce poor quality prints due to an inability to resist harsh solvents and abrasion against the stencil. Pleiger brand squeegees are highly touted because of their chemical resistance and exceptional abrasion resistance when exposed to aggressive inks and solvents.

RKS brand squeegee sharpeners RKS grinder RKS manufactures their series of Linear Grinding machines in Germany and their units are world-class and feature a quick change pneumatic clamping system, dual grinding belts with different grades of abrasiveness, particle extraction system, linear drive unit with variable speed control. Check out the full range of grinders herein.

Welded aluminum screen printing frames Welded Aluminum Screen Frames We build custom machined and welded aluminum screen frames for a wide variety of industrial printing applications. If you need a custom sized screen frame to print your plastic molded parts, plastic bottles, golf shafts, glass bottles, ceramic mugs with handles, or metal panels for computer peripherals, or industrial nameplates… Deco Tech has the right solution for you with our screen frame design services. We fabricate custom screens right here in Orange County and we have very fast turn-around. Our aluminum frames are all precision welded using thick walled aluminum profiles and they are precision ground on the welded seams and sand-blasted for excellent adhesion of the screen frame glue.

Roller Chase screen printing frames RKS grinder We sell the RcX Diamond Chase brand of roller chase screen frames and these retensionable screen frames feature all metal construction with stronger and more reliable components. The RcX roller frames come in three different models; RcX 1.4, RcX 1.6 and RcX 2.0 and they are differentiated by their roller diameter, frame sizes and tensioning requirements. Take a look inside this section for the full story on these Diamond Chase high quality tensionable screen frames.

Tape for your screen printing frames We provide masking tapes for masking your screen frames to keep ink out of the corners which obviously makes clean up faster and more economical. Check us out to see all the sizes and widths we carry in-stock and we can also provide other custom sizes (widths) upon special request.