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Selecta 150 Features Linear Motor Controls for Part Marking

selecta 150 unitOn the Selecta 150 the X, Y, and Z coordinates for both image pick-up from the cliché and image placement onto the product, as well as the travel distance for the pads to the cliché and to the part, are all completely programmable, and job data can be saved and stored on the hard drive of a Windows based PC. Since the job files are stored on the hard drive, with a few mouse clicks you can upload job data in a print queue and instantly print various jobs/ images that contain selective and variable information. The system is very easy to program and features a "teach mode" for set-up of job parameters.

With this unique X-Y-Z plotting pad printing system, microPrint has tread into a niche marketplace that has been primarily served by laser marking systems. However with the Selecta 150, you can print virtually any color, including silver & gold, which is just not possible with laser marking systems.

Like a laser marking system, the Selecta 150 is designed for printing variable information such as; part numbers, product codes, lot numbers, etc., and is particularly suited for marking electronic components, automotive components, medical devices and dental surgical devices. Job data (memory) for the various programs and system parameters are stored on a PC computer, that is connected to the Selecta 150 via a serial cable. Beyond printing part numbers and lot numbers, there are other possible printing applications to be explored, such as printing various graphics on scale model cars and trains.

Because linear motor technology is fast and accurate, to further speed-up the production rate, microPrint developed the Selecta 150 to incorporate two separate printing pads, that can pick-up individually different graphics (numbers, dates, etc.) from two different locations on the cliché and in-turn can transfer print those graphics onto different locations on a part.

All machine controls including; ink pick-up location's, printing location's and tape pad cleaning strokes are easily programmed via the on-board touch screen. There are other useful and user-friendly programmable features that include; pad-to-plate and pad-to- part delay, X number of prints (1 to 99) before pad-cleaning, and many other useful process controls. Also included (optional) is microPrint's Viscomatic, which is an on-board ink viscosity control system that continuously monitors and adjusts the inks viscosity by automatically pumping thinner into the closed cup and mixing it with a Teflon coated mixing star.

This compact system is easily integrated into an assembly line. Dimensions of the Selecta 150 are approx: 19" wide (493 mm) x 32" (811 mm) deep x 18" (457 mm) high and weighs approx. 130 lbs. (58 kg).

The Selecta 150 from microPrint is the latest in machinery design technology from the World's most innovative builder of pad printing machinery. The further use of linear motor driven pad printing machinery is currently under development by microPrint and DECO TECH will have new machine models on display in our Booth #9149 at the National Plastics Expo. NPE is held every 3 years at McCormick Place in Chicago and this year the show dates are June 23rd to 27th.