microPrint Standard Pad Print Machines

microPrint of Switzerland provides Swiss quality pad printing machinery that is outfitted with several unique QC features that take pad printing to a whole new level. microPrint pad transfer printers are equipped with such innovations at Ink Viscosity Controls and Automatic Pad Cleaning, making microPrint machines second to none. If you know a thing or two about pad printing, you will immediately see that these key features can and will make your life easier. DECO TECH and microPrint have been partnered in North America since 1997 and we have hundreds of very satisfied customers all over North America running these various microPrint machines. Click on the pad print machinery images below and you can see; detailed machine photos, machinery specifications, action videos, applications and even request a price quote.

Smart Series

SMART SERIES: These are our low cost single and two color microPrint brand pad printing machines that are well suited for both entry level pad printing and industrial pad printing applications. The SMART Series has touch screen interface with LCD display and is available with automatic pad cleaning device.

LCN Series
LCN-131 LCN-132 LCN-151

LCN SERIES: These are the pad printing machines that made microPrint famous worldwide. These unique LC Series pad transfer machines are designed similar to a hot stamping press with a single post to adjust the height of the print head. These machines come standard with built in automatic pad cleaning device and are available with a VISCOMATIC™ ink viscosity control system.

MS-130 MS-250 ML-350 ML-500 MS-500 MS-500S

M SERIES: The microPrint MS Series are our top of the line pneumatic driven pad printing machines with added features for production and quality control, such as; micro adjustable positioning controls, skew angle adjustment and much more. The ML Series are hybrid controlled and feature linear motor and pneumatic controls. Both the MS & ML Series pad print machines are available with pad cleaning and VISCOMATIC™ ink viscosity control system.

Modul Series

MODUL SERIES: are intelligent linear motor controlled pad printing systems that feature multi-axis programmability from the touch screen. With the MODUL Series we can provide automated pad printing solutions for any number of colors as the modular design of these microPrint pad printing machines allows for maximum design flexibility.

Specialty Pad Printing Solutions
5-STAR SELECTA-150 MSS-130 MSS-350

SPECIALIZED PAD PRINTING EQUIPMENT: microPrint designs and builds a variety of custom pad printing machinery that are useful for unique pad printing applications. The 5-STAR is a programmable 1 to 5 color servo indexed pad printing work station that offers the maximum in flexibility and is the perfect machine for an injection molding house with a variety of pad printing jobs. The SELECTA-150 is a multi-axis CNC digital "typewriter" that allows you to pick up and print variable data on your products. The MSS Series of machines are 90° swivel pad printers that swing the pad(s) horizontally.

Automation Components

AUTOMATION COMPONENTS: microPrint builds a full range of automation accessories for your pad printing needs. These solutions include rotary table indexers, oval race track indexers, part shuttles, pad lifters, 3D robotic part manipulators and much more..