A truly unique pad printer…

microPrint SELECTA-150 is a programmable 3-AXIS CNC Linear Motor controlled pad transfer printer. The SELECTA-150 pad printer introduces a whole new world of technology in the pad printing arena, that allows your company to plot (X/Y/Z) and pad-print Variable Information & Personalized (VIP) graphics, performing much like a laser marking system would, except with the SELECTA-150 you can print graphics in virtually any color. This "black" reality is perhaps the biggest weakness of any laser marking system.

On the SELECTA-150 the X, Y and Z coordinates for both image pick-up from the cliché and image placement onto the product, as well as the travel distances for the pads to the cliché and to the part, are all fully programmable. This system utilizes Windows based PC technology for its memory in saving job files, which are stored on the PC's hard drive (PC not included). With just a few mouse clicks you can upload your next print job (placing it into the print queue) and instantly print variable information and graphics... hence the name SELECTA Print. This intelligent and innovative pad printing system is easy to operate and it also features a "teach mode" for quickly programming the job files and printing parameters.

microPrint uses linear motor technology on the SELECTA-150 to ensure extremely fast and highly accurate positioning. To further speed up production microPrint incorporated two different printing pads that can individually pick-up and transfer different graphics (numbers, dates, etc.) from any number of different locations on the cliché.

All machine controls including; ink pick-up location's, printing location's and tape pad cleaning strokes are easily programmed via the on-board touch screen. There are other user-friendly machine functions such as; pad-to-plate and pad-to- part delay, Programmable pad-cleaning (from 1 to 99 cycles) and many other useful process controls.

Also included is the VISCOMATIC™ (optional), which is an on-board pad print ink viscosity control system that continuously monitors and adjusts the pad printers ink viscosity by automatically pumping thinner into the closed cup. The ink is constantly mixed via the nylon coated mixing star (propeller).